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Involvement in the community

The caisse understands the challenges and issues facing its members. With their support, it can provide its fellow citizens with valuable help regarding initiatives aimed at common betterment and the advancement of society.

Together, we're making a difference

As a member, your business relationship with your caisse lets you help improve your community, as well as giving you access to a number of advantages.

Your caisse supports many local and regional community initiatives in various sectors.

Sponsorship request form (in French only, PDF, 170 KB) - This link will open in a new window.

Each year your caisse has a big budget for providing donations and sponsorships to various organizations, as well as a Community Development Fund. The amounts it contributes help build community engagement and vitality.


  • Association de parents d'enfant trisomique-21 Lanaudière
    The caisse has always been sensitive to the well-being of children and families and supports Lanaudière's association for parents of children with Down syndrome. The caisse and the association share the same values. We are proud to be the main partner of the association's activities, providing $3,000 in financial support.
Presentation of our sponsorship
Presentation of our sponsorship
  • Popote roulante Les Moulins
    Twenty-five years is something to celebrate! To recognize the organization's value in our community, we presented it with $1,000.
  • FADOQ – Cercle d'Or de Mascouche
    It's important for the caisse to support this association, which cares about the well-being of all its members. It received $1,000.
  • 19e groupe scout de Mascouche
    It was a pleasure providing these young people with $1,100 to help them take part in the Canadian Scout Jamboree.
Mascouche Scout Group
Mascouche Scout Group
  • Comité Émilie Mondor
    The caisse has been partnering with Classique Émilie Mondor for a number of years and presents the organizing committee with a cheque for $1,500 each year.
  • Fight against cancer
    Donations to a number of events related to the fight against cancer amounted to over $8,500.
Relay for Life: Caisse Le Manoir team
Relay for Life: Caisse Le Manoir team

Thanks to you, we help your community develop and grow!

The caisse has a community development fund that donates part of the cooperative's surplus to support the community's socioeconomic vitality. Acting on a proposal from the board of directors, the members decide at the annual general meeting how much of the surplus should be paid into the fund. This way, they can support causes that are important to them.

The board of directors manages the development fund. Each year, it reports to the annual general meeting.

Below are some projects made possible thanks to you:

  • Mascouche Painting Festival
    Year after year, the caisse continues to enjoy being a partner of this big, spectacular event, which is a local source of pride. This year the festival received $5,000. The caisse held a draw for a painting among festival visitors. Our congratulations to this year's winner, Sylvie Vizioz.
Sylvie Vizioz the winner and Martin Léveillé, caisse General Manager.
Sylvie Vizioz the winner and Martin Léveillé, caisse General Manager.
  • Uniatox
    It was a natural fit for Caisse populaire Desjardins Le Manoir to partner with Uniatox, because we care about everyone's well-being and adhere to the values of solidarity and mutual support. We are proud to be ambassadors once again this year with a grant of $1,000.

    Uniatox plays a key role in the community by aiding and assisting men and women of all ages in their fight against drug addition. It offers them essential support and restores their hope and dignity.

    The caisse team boldly adopted the theme of “superheroes” with a smile at the 10th edition of the Parcours-Don event to benefit Uniatox.

The caisse team takes part in the 10th Parcours-Don event to benefit Uniatox.
The caisse team takes part in the 10th Parcours-Don event to benefit Uniatox.
  • Société de développement et d'animation de Mascouche (SODAM)
    Organizing stimulating, pivotal events for the population of Mascouche is very important in the eyes of the caisse's board members. We have been a proud partner of SODAM for a number of years, providing an annual sponsorship of $15,000 for its effective, concrete initiatives designed to promote local purchasing, healthy eating, a sense of belonging to the region, innovation, volunteer work, sustainable development and development of our youth, culture and local economy.
SODAM – Desjardins public market, Les Moulins
SODAM – Desjardins public market, Les Moulins
  • Education
    Education and academic retention are key components of our mission.
    Education is a fundamental principle of the cooperative model that is central to our mission. That's why it's important for the caisse to continue building alliances and providing over $100,000 in financial support to its community partners: Fondation pour l'encouragement scolaire, Carrefour jeunesse-emploi des Moulins and Desjardins Foundation.

    The caisse also gives talks at schools each year, and our advisors are always on hand to inform kids who open an account of the importance of having good credit.

  • Moore Garden
    Being the major cultural partner of Moore Garden is a great source of pride for the caisse. Moore Garden received $20,000 in financial support. This enchanting site promotes the region with a fabulous garden while serving as a space for learning, performance, creativity and unique, rewarding encounters. A top must-see for everyone!
  • Fête de la famille and drawing contest
    Comité Famille Mascouche is a natural partner for the caisse because of our common vision and interest in young people and families, who enjoy festive and inclusive events thanks to our funding. The organization was given $10,000 to help make its Fête de la famille and winter gathering memorable events.

    The caisse has held a drawing contest for a number of years, and it's always a pleasure to award prizes during the Fête de la famille event so that kids can benefit from both these activities. The $6,000 we provided helped elementary school students in our area take part in the contest and have a wonderful day!

Fête de la famille.
Fête de la famille.
Drawing contest
Drawing contest