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Online advisor

Meet with one of our advisors without going to the Caisse.

Communication methods are constantly evolving. Your caisse keeps abreast of new technology by providing a service that allows you to see and chat with an advisor online, without going to the caisse.

This service, commonly referred to as a Web videoconference, is a new way to benefit from the advice and expertise of an advisor at your caisse. Whether you are using a computer or smart device, you can chat about your finances online, in a secure environment.

This secure service is ideal for:

  • Chatting about the management of your finances
  • Ensuring that your file is monitored
  • Maximizing your time


  1. Before your first meeting, check to see if your browser supports Web videoconferences and test your browser to make sure everything works.
  2. Fill out the appointment form.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from your caisse.
  4. At the time of your appointment, click on the link in the confirmation e-mail. The link will automatically take you to the online conference website for your meeting.

Please note that you will never be asked to provide your Desjardins Access Card number and personal identification number (PIN).


  • Make sure you are in a closed space or choose a secure location for your Web videoconference with an advisor. Avoid public areas.
  • Make sure you give a phone number on file with your caisse when you fill out the appointment form. This will make it easier to identify you.
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