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Community involvement

Desjardins Business - Vallée du Richelieu-Yamaska is a financial cooperative strength that puts its money, skills and all of its resources to the service of businesses. This alliance makes it possible to go beyond the limits of financial services.

For years now, we have supported business community organizations to promote our region's prosperity. Our practices are connected to the cooperative nature of our financial group.

Every day, more than $52,000 is invested in the Richelieu-Yamaska community.


Your Desjardins Business centre is proud to contribute to the region's economic development by supporting many structuring projects. In 2014 alone, your centre has awarded over $66,000 in donations and sponsorships.

Are you contributing to the entrepreneurial spirit of the financial centre's territory by organizing an activity in one of the following sectors: agro-food, agricultural, industrial, real estate or commercial? Are you an enterprise member of the Desjardins Business centre?

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