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Security: Beware of fake tech support scam

This scam is popular right now. We all need to be vigilant and inform individual members and business clients.

How it works

The scammers pose as computer technicians who say they have to update the software (e.g., Windows, AccèsD, etc.) on your computer. Their real aim is to “sweep” the computer to collect personal information and passwords. The “technicians” might say:

  • that an update is required for the member or client to keep using AccèsD services because the current version is outdated
  • that following the update, AccèsD services won't be available for 24 to 72 hours

Scammers will take control of the computers remotely and ask victims to log on to AccèsD. For business members, the scammers may ask that other employees with access also log on to proceed with the update.

The scammers then use the members personal information to transfer money.

How members and clients can protect themselves

  • Never let a stranger on the phone take control of their computer.
  • Never take action at anyone's request.
  • Don't provide any personal information (debit or credit card numbers, AccèsD passwords, PIN, etc.).
  • In case of doubt, end the conversation and call the company the technician said they represented, using a phone number from a reliable outside source (e.g., Canada 411).

If the member or client allowed the scammer to have access to their computer, they should contact Desjardins Card Services at the number on the back of their debit or credit card.