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Our partners


Desjardins Business - Outaouais

With the strength of unequaled financial power, including assets of nearly $2 billion in investment and financing, Desjardins Business - Outaouais is a partner of choice for 12,500 businesses. A team of 80 seasoned employees provide unparalleled support that meets the highest standards of small, medium and large businesses from the commercial, industrial, agricultural, institutional and real estate sectors.

To learn more, see Desjardins Business - Outaouais.

Desjardins Insurance - Life  Health  Retirement

Desjardins Financial Security meets the changing financial security needs of individuals and businesses by offering a wide range of life and health insurance and retirement savings products and services. Our employees and partners are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of all Desjardins clients and caisse members. It is this spirit of cooperation that enables us to offer our clients the products and services they need.

To learn more, visit the Desjardins Life Insurance website.

Desjardins Insurance

Desjardins Insurance is a leader in property and casualty insurance in Canada. It is constantly innovating and adapts its services to meet its clients’ ever-changing needs. Desjardins Insurance offers a wide range of automobile, home, recreational vehicle and pet insurance products for individuals and businesses.

To learn more, visit the Desjardins General Insurance website.

Desjardins Securities

Desjardins Securities offers a complete range of securities brokerage products and services through its Investment Advisors and its Disnat Online Brokerage division. It offers a wide range of financial products and clients have access to all the analysis tools they need to understand the market and reach their goals.

To learn more, visit the Desjardins Funds website.

Mortgage representative

Desjardins Private Wealth Management offers a comprehensive advisory service with a personalized approach. Its tailored guidance and exceptional attentiveness are a perfect fit for clients seeking sound wealth management and transfer planning services.

To learn more, visit the Desjardins Private Wealth Management website.

Desjardins Capital

Desjardins Capital is a fund manager that offers strategic and financial support to growing businesses and innovative start-ups in Quebec. It specializes in investment capital and venture capital.

Regardless of the growth stage or your company or cooperative, Desjardins Capital offers tailored financing in the form of a loan or equity.

With its team of experts, Desjardins Capital supports the growth of Quebec-based SMEs operating in various industries across the province.

To learn more about Desjardins Capital, go to the Desjardins Capital site.