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Our expertise

A centre of excellence that meets your needs

The Desjardins Business - Vallée du Richelieu-Yamaska team is made up of 55 account managers and advisors that speak your language. All are experts in a specific field—agricultural, agri-food, commercial, real estate and industrial—and can suggest business solutions that will fit with your business's unique needs.

You will find:

  • all of Desjardins's business solutions
  • experts to support you through each of your projects, no matter the size or type of business you operate
  • superior service quality, quick, made-to-measure answers and guaranteed confidentiality
  • the support of a solid financial network
  • a reliable partner, committed to the community

As the world of financial services grows more and more complex, we want to ensure our members can master this complexity.

We take your business success to heart.