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Desjardins Business - Lanaudière

Desjardins Business - Lanaudière

Transit: 00755-815
515, rue Leclerc
suite 101
Repentigny, Québec
Phone:  450-585-1020 or 1-888-959-1159

Fax:  450-585-7018

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Desjardins Business - Lanaudière houses specialists who are able to meet all your corporate financial needs.

You get:

  • business solutions customized for every entrepreneur's specific needs
  • the judicious advice of experts who are very familiar with your industry
  • the quality of Desjardins services and access to a vast pool of resources

Our flexible and efficient approach makes all the difference.

Partnering with entrepreneurs

Our experts work in partnership with entrepreneurs to offer them business solutions adapted to their reality, regardless of their needs.

Because they are committed in the community, account managers and business advisors speak the same language as business people, understand the issues they face, help them with their business decisions and offer a new perspective.

Members benefit from the quality of Desjardins services and have access to a vast pool of resources, because it's all of Desjardins supporting your business.