What is a market-linked guaranteed investment (MLGI)?

What is a market-linked guaranteed investment (MLGI)? (1 min 40 s)

Added on January 29, 2013


MLGIs fit investors who are seeking both security and returns that are higher than the more familiar secure investments (GICs, term savings). They offer a 100% capital guarantee and variable return.


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What is a market-linked guaranteed investment (MLGI)? (1 min 40 s)

Added on January 29, 2013 | Personal

In the world of investments, those that offer the highest return potential can also be very unpredictable.

On the one hand are the stock market , equities, mutual funds, all products that can give high returns, but offer no guarantees.

And on the other hand, are secure investments such as term savings or GICs, with returns that are known in advance, but lower.

Torn between the two?

Market-linked guaranteed investment are for you.

They give you:

  • security, because your capital is protected;
  • and a variable return that tracks stock market growth

Variable return is based on the performance of companies listed on a stock market or market index.

In addition to variable return, many investments also pay a guaranteed return.

This double return potential is an asset when the markets are not performing well.

Desjardins offers two types of market-linked guaranteed investment.

In both cases, your capital is guaranteed.

You can opt for a guaranteed return plus a variable return ; Or choose a potentially higher variable return.

So you can balance the need for security with market volatility.

Now, just what kind of MLGI investor are you?

On the secure side or a little more dynamic.

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