Your estate planning : talk with your family!

Your estate planning : talk with your family! (1 min 54 s)

Added on August 7, 2015


Planning your estate makes it easier to pass on your assets as you see fit. It also helps you take the right steps to reduce the tax burden for your loved ones and protect their future.

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Your estate planning : talk with your family! (1 min 54 s)

Added on August 7, 2015


As we all know, many life stages require proper planning. Your career, buying your first home, retirement…each of these projects calls for a personal investment on your behalf in many aspects.

However, there's a major step that, unfortunately, is often overlooked: estate planning.

A colleague who recently lost her father confided that not only was his family grateful that he'd pre-arranged his funeral, he'd also made plans to have his estate divided according to his wishes!

With a gentle smile, she told me that his decision allowed her family to grieve in peace and harmony, which was the greatest gift of all.

It takes a lifetime to accumulate your assets so planning how they will be transferred deserves a closer look.

Ask your wealth management advisor to set up your financial plan. It will give you an overview of your projects and financial needs. Your advisor has the expertise to guide you in planning, protecting and transferring your estate to ensure your wishes are fulfilled, your assets are maximized and your loved ones and their futures are protected.

Estate planning involves creating an estate inventory, drafting your will and a mandate in case of incapacity, developing tax strategies and taking other steps to fulfill your wishes and meet your needs.

Your advisor will explain their current role and the roles of all the other specialists you can consult.

And in light of this experience, you'll make sure your heirs have your advisor's contact information so that they can receive the support and advice they need after you're gone.

If you have questions for me, please write to the address on the screen. See you soon!