New ATMs

New ATMs (1 min 30 s)

Added on July 4, 2018

Between September and December 2018, Desjardins will be updating its ATMs. See how the new ATMs will enhance members' experience and make deposits easier.


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New ATMs (1 min 30 s)

Added on July 4, 2018 | Personal

Note: The text in square brackets describes audio and visual content in the video other than the dialogue or narration.

FEMALE NARRATOR: The new Desjardins ATMS…a whole new experience.

[Three open-faced green enclosures slide in from the right around the machines. The top bar of each enclosure displays a white hexagon beside the word Desjardins, and the first one has the word EXPRESS written under it. A man stands in front of the middle one, and a woman with short grey hair stands in front of the third.]

FEMALE NARRATOR: From the moment you enter your PIN, you'll be using the latest technology to navigate more easily on the touch screen. It's just like using a tablet.

[The man enters his pin and touches the screen to scroll through the options. The bar at the top of the screen shows a hexagon beside the word Desjardins written in green. He smiles and through the window behind him, two white birds fly across a blue sky.]

FEMALE NARRATOR: For example, to make a deposit, simply select the deposit option on the touch screen. Select the account you want to deposit the money to.

[The man touches the Deposit button, then the button for his chosen account.]

FEMALE NARRATOR: Gather your bills and cheques together in any order, but don't attach them together.

[Three white circles appear in a row on a light green background. Bills and cheques drop from the top of the circles to form piles in each one.]

[TEXT ON SCREEN: Up to 75 items No foreign currencies]

FEMALE NARRATOR: Insert them directly into the ATM; no envelope required. It's fast, easy and totally secure.

[Back at the ATM, the man inserts a pile of bills and cheques into a horizontal slot in the black side panel. A light green circle with an envelope in the middle appears in the upper right corner and a red circle with a line through the middle is drawn around it.]

FEMALE NARRATOR: The ATM will calculate the total for you, including the cheque amounts. If there's a discrepancy in the amounts, you can correct or even cancel the deposit.

[On the ATM screen, a graphic displays counts and totals of the deposited cash and cheques. A light green circle with a dark green pencil appears in the upper right corner, the edit symbol. The pencil is replaced with a green triangle above a green rectangle, the cancel symbol. The man verifies the numbers and finishes his deposit, then walks away.]

FEMALE NARRATOR: If you don't need to make a deposit, you can use the Express ATM. Get cash faster than you can say cheese.

[A blonde woman walks up to the first ATM and uses the touch screen to withdraw $100, then takes a selfie with her smartphone.]

FEMALE NARRATOR: If you want to update your passbook, you can use an ATM with a printer.

[At the third ATM, the woman with short grey hair inserts her blank passbook into a horizontal slot on the black side panel. It gets pulled into the machine and then ejected, now with black lines filled in. The woman takes it and leaves.]

FEMALE NARRATOR: Choose the ATM that offers the services you need…

[Green circles appear in front of all three ATMS. In front of the first, the circles read "All transactions except deposits and passbook printing." In front of the second, the circles read "All transactions except passbook printing." In front of the third, the circle reads "All transactions."]

FEMALE NARRATOR: …and you'll see how easy and enjoyable the new Desjardins ATMS are to use.

[The circles disappear and the enclosures slide away, revealing a light green background. Two dark green triangles expand to cover the screen. A white hexagon is drawn and the word Desjardins appears beside it.]