New Desjardins commercial ATMs

New Desjardins commercial ATMs (1 min 48 s)

Added on July 4, 2018

Between September 2018 and December 2019, Desjardins will modernize all its automated teller machines. See how the new ATMs will make transactions easier for our business members.


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New Desjardins commercial ATMs (1 min 48 s)

Added on July 4, 2018 | Business

Note: The text in square brackets describes audio and visual content in the video other than the dialogue or narration.

[A drawing of a white deposit box with a plaque reading "24/7", a plus symbol, and a white ATM with a black side panel appear in a row on a light green background.]

Narrator: "Commercial deposits at the ATM, now quicker and easier than ever."

[The deposit box and the plus symbol slide away, replaced by a new scene: inside a bank, the ATM is surrounded by an open enclosure. The top bar of the enclosure displays a white hexagon beside the word "Desjardins". A man with red hair holding a white envelope stands facing it.]

Narrator: "Are you a Desjardins Business member? Do you have cash and cheques to deposit? With Desjardins's new ATMs, commercial deposits are now easier than ever."

[The man enters his PIN number and presses a green button, then touches the screen and scrolls through his transaction options. He smiles and through the window behind him, an owl standing on a tree branch flutters its wings beneath a crescent moon.]

Narrator: "To make a night deposit at the ATM, all you need to do is select it as your transaction type and enter your deposit amount.

[The man touches a white square on the screen that reads "ATM Night deposit." A window appears, reading "To continue with this transaction: you need to already be signed up for the ATM night deposit service; you need to have a key for the night deposit box; you'll need to place the bag containing your deposit in the night deposit box." The man touches a square at the bottom of the window reading "continue," then selects the desired account and enters the deposit amount.]

Narrator: "Of course, you also need to have a key to access the night deposit box at your caisse or service centre.

[The man grins and holds up his access key, and through the window behind him, the owl flutters its wings and winks.]

Narrator: "With the new ATMs, you don't insert the deposit slip into the machine anymore."

[A blank deposit slip appears to the right of the ATM and a red circle with a line through the middle — the cancel symbol — is drawn on top of it.]

Narrator: "When you're done at the ATM, a message will remind you to put your deposit in the box. All that's left to do is put your deposit bag in the night deposit box making sure it contains your items and your deposit slip.]

[The man points to a message on the ATM screen reading, "Don't forget to put your deposit bag in the night deposit box," and then presses buttons reading "Print a receipt" and "Return card." Then, he walks outside of the bank and stops in front of the night deposit box, which is surveilled by an overhead camera. Two light green circles with a plus symbol between them appear beside the box: one circle contains a stack of bills, and the other a blank deposit slip. The man opens the deposit box with his key and inserts his envelope.]

Narrator: "If you have no more than 75 items to deposit, you can even do everything right at the ATM."

[TEXT ON SCREEN: "Up to 75 items, No foreign currency or coins"]

[The scene is replaced by a light green background with a row of three white circles. Inside each circle, bills and cheques fall from above, forming stacks.]

Narrator: "Just make sure to select “deposit” as your transaction type. It doesn't matter which way your items are facing, and as long as there are no staples or paperclips, everything gets inserted straight into the machine — no envelope required! "

[Back at the ATM screen, the man touches a white rectangle that reads "Deposit," and then the square representing the correct account A message appears, reading "Warning: No envelope, No paperclip/staple, No folded item, Bills and cheques inserted together (max. 75 items), Canadian currency only, Automatic calculation of the amount." He presses a button reading "continue," and then inserts a stack of bills directly into the machine. A light green circle with an envelope in the middle appears in the upper right corner and the cancel symbol is drawn around it.]

Narrator: "The ATM will count everything for you."

[The man points to a graphic displaying counts and totals of the deposited cash and cheques on the ATM screen.]

Narrator: "If you're not the one who handles the deposits, you can ask for a deposit-only ATM card. No matter who uses the card, the account balance will never be shown, not even on the deposit receipt."

[A blonde woman walks up to the ATM and inserts her card. As she enters her pin number, a light green circle with an ATM card appears in the upper right corner of the ATM. She selects the "deposit" option, reads the requirements message and selects continue, then stops at the "Choose an account screen." In the upper right corner, a light green circle appears with a deposit receipt in the middle. The woman stands beside the ATM, smiles and waves.]

Narrator: "With our new ATMs, commercial deposits take no time at all!"

[Everything but the ATM machine slides away and beside it, a plus symbol and the deposit box appear in a row. Two dark green triangles expand to cover the screen. A white hexagon is drawn and the word "Desjardins" appears beside it.]

End of text transcription.