Testimonial from a centre beneficiary, Valérie Lainesse

Testimonial from a centre beneficiary, Valérie Lainesse (2 min 33 s)

Added on March 2, 2022


The video clip presents the testimony of Valérie Lainesse, a Centre d’entraide Contact de Warwick beneficiary.

Testimonial from a centre beneficiary, Valérie Lainesse (2 min 33 s)

Added on March 2, 2022 | Desjardins Group

Note: The information in brackets describes the audio and visual content of the video that is not dialogue or narration.

[Context: The video clip presents the testimony of Valérie Lainesse, a Centre d’entraide Contact de Warwick beneficiary. All voices are offscreen. Background music plays throughout the video.]

[Text on screen: Solidarity stems from pain, not happiness. We feel closer to someone who has gone through a painful experience with us than someone who has shared a happy moment. Quote by Bernard Werber.]

[Text on screen: 6 inspiring glimpses of Centre d’entraide Contact de Warwick]

[Text on screen: Inspiration 2]

[On screen visual: Overhead shot of the Centre d’entraide Contact de Warwick.]

Narrator: A reassuring presence in the region, the Centre is always ready to help people.

[On screen visual: Still frame of Valérie Lainesse in the Centre’s restaurant. Then, she speaks with a volunteer of the Économe magasin général, the Centre’s thrift shop.]

Valérie Lainesse: Hello, I’m Valérie Lainesse. I’m from Warwick and I’m currently a beneficiary. I’m about to start an internship at Centre d’entraide de Warwick.

[On screen visual: Valérie speaks with a client accompanied by a young child sitting in a cart. Close-up shot of the child.]

Valérie Lainesse: I was born in Warwick, so I've known about the community resource centre for a long time. Everybody knew it was there. But until quite recently, I thought it was just a thrift shop.

[On screen visual: A clothing box outside the thrift shop. A truck backs up in the Centre’s yard. Next, a close-up of Jacqueline Verville, a volunteer of the Centre.]

Jacqueline Verville: The Centre started off small, but it got bigger and more structured over time. Now, along with Warwick, we also serve the surrounding parishes.

[On screen visual: Overhead shot of Warwick and surrounding areas.]

Narrator: The Centre serves people in 5 municipalities with a total population of nearly 9,000, over 475 square kilometers.

[On screen visual: Valérie walks around in the shop. Then, the volunteers wrap a client’s purchases.]

Valérie Lainesse: When I wound up here a year and a half ago, I was on disability. My life really wasn't going very well. Someone reminded me that the Centre was 3 or 4 doors away and, since it had moved it was offering even more services, so I went to knock on their door.

[On screen visual: Valérie parks her car in the Centre’s yard. A young man leaves the Centre with a full box of groceries and places it in the car’s trunk. Valérie enters her car.]

Valérie Lainesse: I think it was last winter that I got in touch with the Centre. Initially, it was their food bank. They really, really helped. I don't know if can put a number on it, but I think the food bank easily saves me $300 or $400 on groceries. That's huge. Because I’m on sick leave, my budget is really small. Very small!

[On screen visual: A man takes boxes out of a delivery truck.]

Narrator: The food bank helps more than 250 people per year, distributing over 80,000 kilos of food.

[On screen visual: Volunteers work in the restaurant’s kitchen, then Valérie goes up the stairs leading outside of the Centre.]

Valérie Lainesse: One week, I had two fridges go on me, back to back. I lost a lot of food. Things weren't going well. Someone helped me find a fridge, and that's when I started the food bank with them, and that really made a difference. It relieved some financial stress, and it took the weight off my shoulders to be able to say: "I want my kids to eat well."

[On screen visual: Visuals fade and the screen goes to black.]

[Text on screen: Thank you for your tangible inspiration.

[Text on screen: The Centre d’entraide Contact de Warwick’s logo]

[Text on screen: Soutenu par Logo de la Caisse Desjardins des Bois-Francs.]

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