The Taylors buy a house

The Taylors buy a house (1 min 57 s)

Added on October 14, 2015


Get a glimpse into the life of the Taylor family and discover how Desjardins Loan Insurance gives them peace of mind.


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The Taylors buy a house (1 min 57 s)

Added on October 14, 2015 | Personal

Note: The information in brackets describes the visual and audio content of the video, and the rest of the text corresponds to spoken content.

[Explainer: This animated video presents a moment in the life of the Taylor family.]

[Uplifting background music]

[On-screen text: The Taylors buy a house.]

[On-screen images: We’re introduced to the three members of the Taylor family: Jason, Sarah and Max.]

[On-screen images: A fixer-upper bought by the Taylors.]

Narrator: Jason Taylor and his wife Sarah have just bought their first home. To stay within budget, they found a nice little property. But it needs some fixing up.

[Noise: A bird chirps and a crow caws.]

[Action on screen: Jason installs an electrical outlet, paints a wall blue and refurbishes an old armoire.]

Narrator: Jason isn't afraid of anything. He does a lot of the work himself, including refurbishing some old furniture for the baby's room.

[On-screen images: Jason falls down the stairs while he’s trying to move a piece of furniture upstairs with a friend.]

Narrator: When suddenly…

[The friend groans and there’s a loud noise as the piece of furniture falls.]

[On-screen images: Jason is in a hospital bed and covered in bandages, head-to-toe. Sarah, who is pregnant, gives him a drink.]

Narrator: Not only can Jason not go back to work for several months, but Sarah also has to miss work to take care of him.

Luckily, Jason has group insurance at work but he'll only receive 66% of his salary while he's on disability. That's less than ideal when you consider mortgage payments and the various monthly expenses.

[On-screen images: A quickly-disappearing pile of $20 bills.]

[On-screen images: Jason and Sarah sit down with Mr. Ross, their personal finance advisor at Desjardins.]

[On-screen images: Two statistics]

Narrator: Did you know that 37% of mortgage defaults are due to disability?

Narrator: Did you know that 47% of Canadians have no financial cushion to support themselves for more than three months?

Narrator: Jason can rest easy. When he and Sarah bought the house, they followed the advice of their advisor, Mr. Ross, and took out insurance in case of disability on their loan. They know that in the event of a disability, they won’t have to worry about mortgage payments.

Narrator: That’s why insuring your loan in case of disability is a great way to protect your financial stability. And it means Jason and Sarah will be able to get through this much more easily.

[On-screen images: Jason, Sarah and Max are in the hospital room. Sarah is folding a baby’s shirt and Max is writing his name on his dad’s cast.]

Narrator: Jason can focus on getting better, Sarah can focus on preparing for the new baby, and Max . . . oh, Max!

[On-screen text: The Taylors buy a house. Desjardins; Cooperating in building the future.]