AccèsD Affaires overview

AccèsD Affaires overview (3 min 30 s)

Added on December 16, 2013


An overview of the business transactions you can make on AccèsD Affaires.

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AccèsD Affaires overview (3 min 30 s)

Added on December 16, 2013 | Business

AccèsD Affaires provides companies with innovative business solutions.

Small, medium and large businesses already trust and use AccèsD Affaires to manage their online financial operations. AccèsD Affaires simplifies business relationships with suppliers, clients, employees, as well as with public institutions—all at a lower cost.

Discover AccèsD Affaires for yourself; an efficient, flexible and completely secure financial management tool. Enjoy your visit!

Make payments or collect funds

Forget about cheques, stamps and money orders.

Pay your bills and your suppliers online, make electronic payments and send in your government remittances on time. You can avoid late payments and penalties and receive your refunds more quickly.

Withdraw funds directly from client bank accounts anywhere in Canada. The sums collected will automatically be transferred to your account.

Benefit from more time, money and peace of mind!

Manage your accounts

AccèsD Affaires lets you manage your inflow and outflow of funds, verify outstanding cheques, invest liquid assets and keep track of your transactions. It's as easy as consulting your account balances, statements and reports online.

AccèsD Affaires also lets you download account information to your accounting software for your bank reconciliation. Cheque imaging means you can view your cheques once they've been deposited by payees or suppliers.

In a simple click, transfer funds between accounts in Canadian dollars or foreign currencies, make payments on your financial loans and more.

Do business internationally in foreign currencies

Thanks to AccèsD Affaires, you can transfer funds anywhere in the world.

Control your transactions

Securely delegate tasks while keeping management control. Some businesses require double authorization of cash transactions. AccèsD Affaires gives you that flexibility!

Use Desjardins mobile services

Download the free Desjardins mobile services application. Perform a wide range of transactions securely using your smartphone when you're on the road.

While you work, AccèsD Affaires works for you!

Sign up for AccèsD Affaires now and take advantage of a sound business management tool.

Contact one of our experts to sign up or learn more. Call 1-877-ACCESD A.