Entreprendre le chemin de la réussite (in French only)

Entreprendre le chemin de la réussite (in French only) (3 min 22 s)

Added on October 28, 2015


This video features the Desjardins business members who are the 2015 Desjardins Entrepreneur Award regional winners in the Agricultural and Fonds coopératif d'aide à la relève agricole (cooperative fund for future farmers) categories. They talk about their businesses and the support they've received from Desjardins to help them succeed.

Entreprendre le chemin de la réussite (in French only) (3 min 22 s)

Added on October 28, 2015 | Business

Note: The information between brackets describes the visual and audio content of the video that is not dialogue or narration.

[On-screen text: Desjardins Business]


[In the background, a country road next to a field]


[On-screen text: Alain Gagnon, Ag., MBA, Vice-President, Agricultural and Agri-food Markets, Desjardins Business]

[Close-up of Alain Gagnon. In the background, a field. Then, successive scenes featuring cows in a modern stable, eggs on a conveyor belt and a hand going into a bucket of fertilizer.]

Alain Gagnon: Desjardins is the leading cooperative financial group in Canada. Desjardins currently supports more than 14,000 agricultural and agri-food businesses in Quebec—one out of every two in the province.

[Scene featuring Christian Boucher cleaning the floor of his stable]

[On-screen text: Christian Boucher, Partner, Ferme Rejak (9230-1670 Quebec Inc.)]

[Close-up of Christian Boucher in front of his home, then, successive scenes featuring Christian Boucher working in his stable]

[Back to close-up of Christian Boucher]

Christian Boucher: My grandfather bought the company in the early 40s. It was a family-run subsistence farm. Then my father bought it from him in the mid-80s, when it was primarily a dairy and swine farm. He scaled back raising swine over the years to focus on dairy production. I bought in 2 or 3 years ago now, and I've been a 50% owner since then.

[Scene featuring eggs being packaged. Eggs are placed on a conveyor belt.]

[Musical transition]

[Scene featuring Claudia Désilets walking towards a warehouse, then, a close-up of Claudia Désilets. In the background, Acti-Sol buildings.]

[On-screen text: Claudia Désilets, President, Acti-Sol]

Claudia Désilets: Acti-Sol started in 1995. At the time, family farms were looking for ways to deal with excess manure. We went to Europe to look at various technologies, and came back with the patent for drying manure. We adapted it for Canadian winters, and began processing pelleted manure once we were up and running.

[Scene featuring Claudia Désilets walking in a warehouse and talking to an employee. Then, successive scenes featuring egg-producing hens and a hand going into fertilizer.]

Claudia Désilets: The final product is a natural fertilizer made from chicken manure. We've worked to develop a variety of markets: municipal, agricultural, and retail.

[Close-up of Claudia Désilets. In the background, Acti-Sol buildings.]

[Musical transition]

[On-screen text: François Vachon, Chief Executive Officer, Coop Seigneurie. Marco Gagné, President, Coop Seigneurie.]

[Scene featuring François Vachon and Marco Gagné in the offices of Coop Seigneurie]

[Close-up of François Vachon]

[On-screen text: François Vachon, Chief Executive Officer, Coop Seigneurie]

[François Vachon: La Seigneurie was founded in 1941, so we're preparing for our 75th year in business next year.]

[Scene featuring a group of employees, then, a close-up of each employee with their laptop open, attending a meeting presided by François Vachon]

[François Vachon: The operation has grown over the years. At the beginning there were 30 members; today we're almost at 2,000, with 7 locations and $95 million in sales.]

[Close-up of François Vachon in a meeting room]

François Vachon: And importantly, a presence in 30 communities around beautiful Lotbinière.

[Scene featuring Coop Seigneurie buildings]

[Musical transition]

[Scene featuring Alain Gagnon. In the background, a field.]

Alain Gagnon: Desjardins's agricultural financing experts are on the cutting edge of industry practices and knowledge. They understand what entrepreneurs need and how to support them.

[On-screen text: Olivier Blais, Account Manager, Desjardins Business]

[Close-up of Christian Boucher. Then, a scene featuring Christian Boucher and Olivier Blais talking while sitting at a table. Olivier Blais takes notes. A calculator is placed on the table.]

Christian Boucher: One of the main reasons I do business with Desjardins is the relationship I have with my account manager. He always has time, is always willing to listen, and is always there to help us achieve our goals to grow our business.

[Musical transition]

[Close-up of Claudia Désilets, then, successive scenes featuring Claudia Désilets talking with Olivier Blais]

Claudia Désilets: Desjardins has always supported us. They listen, they come here to meet with us, and they ask a lot of questions and take a real interest. We've had a great relationship with Desjardins for several years now.

[Musical transition]

[Close-up of François Vachon]

François Vachon: The strong relationship Coop Seigneurie has with Desjardins is the result of good people. Swine production is a big part of our business model, and the people we talk to know what we're dealing with.

[On-screen text: Jacques Giguère, Account Manager, Desjardins Business]

[Successive scenes featuring Jacques Giguère, Marco Gagné and François Vachon talking in an office. Then, a close-up of François Vachon.]

François Vachon: We're also very proud to work with Desjardins as a cooperative financial institution; the relationship has enabled us to create wealth and put it back into the region. We're very proud to partner with Desjardins.

[Musical transition]

Christian Boucher: Another reason to do business with Desjardins is the way they provide a seamless transition when there's change.

[On-screen text: Olivier Blais, Account Manager, Desjardins Business. Jacques Lirette, Account Manager, Desjardins Business.]

[Scene featuring Christian Boucher talking to Olivier Blais and Jacques Lirette]

Christian Boucher: My account manager recently retired after years with Desjardins. The new account manager that came on board with us already has a great handle on my file and is providing continuity for the relationship.

[Close-up of Alain Gagnon. In the background, a field.]

Alain Gagnon: Desjardins is the leader in agricultural financing in Quebec.

[Successive scenes featuring a cooperative farm, eggs on a conveyor belt and Christian Boucher in his stable.]

[Close-up of Alain Gagnon]

Alain Gagnon: It's the first-choice lender in the agri-food industry and a preferred partner for entrepreneurs throughout the sector.


[On-screen text: Desjardins Business]

[Cooperating in building the future]