Walkthrough of your account statement

Walkthrough of your account statement (3 min 13 s)

Added on November 24, 2017


Watch the video to better understand your credit card account statement and your Accord D financing plan, if you have one.


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Walkthrough of your account statement (3 min 13 s)

Added on November 24, 2017 | Personal

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AccèsD assistant:

Walkthrough of your account statement.

AccèsD assistant:

Whether you're a new credit cardholder, just received Accord D financing or a longtime member, here's a video to help you understand your credit card account statement, including the Accord D financing section, if you have this product.

[Image: An account statement is put on a desk.]

AccèsD assistant:

When you open your statement, you'll see information about your regular transactions on the first page.

There are 3 sections: Regular Transaction Summary, Regular Transaction Details and Rewards Program. The Regular Transaction Summary section summarizes your statement and how your new regular balance was calculated.

The authorized credit limit on your account corresponds to the amount that you can borrow on your credit card for your regular transactions and cash advances. The Regular Transaction Details section details the transactions made in the account; the transactions are displayed by card number if you have a joint account.

The Rewards Program section shows you how many rewards you've earned so you can keep track of them.

At the top of your statement, you'll also find the important information you need to know to pay your bill: due date, minimum payment due, Accord D financing instalments—if you have this— and your new regular balance.

You'll also see the number of your account to which you make credit card payments. For security purposes, it's normal that this doesn't appear identical to your credit card number.

If you have Accord D financing, the second page of your statement shows information about your financing. At the bottom of the Accord D page, you'll see your Accord D financing transaction details and any transactions made during the month.

You'll find the initial amount financed and the due date for the total loan repayment, whether by an equal monthly instalment plan or a deferred payment plan like “buy now and pay later.”

The Accord D financing transaction summary section will show the details of your plans: the previous balance, payments/adjustments on principal (which applies when you make an additional payment to pay off your loan more quickly), the details of your current monthly instalments, as well as the remaining balance after you've paid the minimum balance on your card.

Your Accord D financing instalment, which appears here, is automatically included in the minimum payment on your credit card.

To pay the instalment, just pay your credit card bill before the due date indicated on your statement.

When you pay the amount indicated in the New Regular Balance section, you'll be paying the amount of your regular transactions, as well as your Accord D monthly instalment.

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AccèsD assistant:

We hope that this video helped you understand your account statement.

To see a sample statement and get more information about credit usage, click below.

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