Committed. Helping young people thrive

Committed. Helping young people thrive (1 min 17 s)

Added on March 31, 2021

In 2021, we invested a record amount in young people, including support for a legal and psychological telephone assistance service and donations to about 20 youth organizations.


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Committed. Helping young people thrive (1 min 17 s)

Added on March 31, 2021 | Desjardins Group

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[Text on screen: Committed. Helping young people thrive.]

[Sitting on a beach, a woman and a boy examine a sea creature.]

[Text on screen: Investing in young people more than ever because of the pandemic.]

[On a playground, a boy bounces a basketball while another boy crouches and looks straight ahead.]

[Text on screen: A record $80 million in 2021.]

[Young women take a dance class.]

[Text on screen: Encouraging young people to stay in school and achieve academic success.]

[Smiling young adults wearing graduation caps and gowns walk in single file.]

[Text on screen: Partnering with Alloprof.]

[A young woman helps a boy with schoolwork at home.]

[Text on screen: Partnering with Academos.]

[A young woman sits on a windowsill, balancing a laptop on her legs. She smiles while talking and typing.]

[Text on screen: 3,400 scholarships awarded by the Desjardins Foundation and caisses.]

[A young woman opens an envelope. Desjardins employees present another young woman with a cheque outside her home.]

[Text on screen: Prioritizing young people's mental health.]

[A young man talks to a mental health professional.]

[Text on screen: Psychological and legal assistance for 18- to 30-year-olds.]

[A young woman reads on her cell phone.]

[Text on screen: Support for 20 organizations like Fondation Jeunes en tête, Kids Help Phone, and Auberges du cœur.]

[A young woman speaks during a videoconference. Another young woman sits on her bed, gazing out the window on a sunny day.]

[Text on screen: Inspiring tomorrow's adults to develop smart financial habits.]

[A boy wearing a backpack walks down the centre aisle of a school bus.]

[Text on screen: Student profile, with products and advice for managing money.]

[Close-up of a cell phone displaying a young student’s profile in AccèsD.]

[Comedian François Morency talks with a little girl.]

[Text on screen: School Caisse, where young people learn to save.]

[Teenagers talk in a classroom.]

[Text on screen: Personal Finance: I'm in Charge!, where young people learn to save.]

[At night, a young woman waves sparklers outdoors.]

[Text on screen: Committed. Connected. Looking out for young people.]

[Desjardins logo.]