Committed. Enriching the lives of people and communities

Committed. Enriching the lives of people and communities (1 min 27 s)

Added on March 31, 2021

We're working on building a sustainable, responsible economy by supporting projects, community organizations and food banks. We also participated actively to help combat the pandemic.


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Committed. Enriching the lives of people and communities (1 min 27 s)

Added on March 31, 2021 | Desjardins Group

Note: The information in brackets describes the audio and visual content of the video that is not dialogue or narration.

[Text on screen: Committed. Enriching the lives of people and communities.]

[A mother, a father and their two boys appear at a window. The mother and the older boy wave while the father kisses the younger boy's head.]

[Text on screen: Playing an active role to help combat the pandemic.]

[A man with gray hair wears a blue surgical mask.]

[Text on screen: One of our offices transformed into a vaccination centre. 10,000 vaccine doses administered.]

[A woman receives a vaccination.]

[Text on screen: More than 103,000 prepared meals from our kitchens for organizations providing food assistance to individuals in need.]

[Cooks prepare meals. A little girl puts a bowl of food on a dining table.]

[Text on screen: Investing in communities.]

[Two boys lie on a basketball court, gazing at the sky. One rests his head on a basketball.]

[Text on screen: GoodSpark Fund. $250 million will be donated through this fund by 2024. 127 projects supported to promote economic vitality and job creation in 2021.]

[A flock of birds moves across the sky. A young woman does a contemporary dance routine. Three kids work in a community garden.]

[Text on screen: Desjardins Cares and Shares Campaign. $7.2 million donated by employees and directors to support community organizations across Canada.]

[People come and go from Complexe Desjardins' south tower. A woman smiles outside an conference room. Members of a youth sports team chant while putting their hands together.]

[Text on screen: Donation from Desjardins Ontario Credit Union. Record amount. $100,000 donated to community organizations and food banks.]

[The Rideau Canal flows through Ottawa. A woman puts food into a plastic bag.]

[Text on screen: Emergency aid for disasters. $100,000 donated to support communities hit hard by flooding in British Columbia.]

[Mountains border a flooded town. A man kisses a baby's head.]

[Text on screen: Committed. Connected. Building a responsible, sustainable economy.]

[A couple and their son sit on a sofa, looking at an electronic tablet.]

[Desjardins logo.]