Committed. Supporting local businesses

Committed. Supporting local businesses (1 min 23 s)

Added on March 31, 2021

Every step of the way, we give entrepreneurs the support they need to achieve their ambitions. In Quebec, we're a leader in agricultural financing with nearly 25% market share in the commercial and industrial sectors.


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Committed. Supporting local businesses (1 min 23 s)

Added on March 31, 2021 | Desjardins Group

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[Text on screen: Committed. Supporting local businesses.]

[A business owner stands in her bicycle shop.]

[Text on screen: Every step of the way, whatever they need.]

[A man wipes his dirty hands with a rag.]

[Text on screen: Startups.]

[A young woman smiles in an open-concept office.]

[Text on screen: National expansion.]

[Businesspeople walk in a glass high-rise building.]

[Text on screen: International growth]

[The Empire State Building towers over New York City.]

[Text on screen: Business transfers.]

[An older businessman smiles at a younger businessman.]

[Text on screen: Giving entrepreneurs the resources to achieve their ambitions.]

[A young businesswoman stands outside a brick factory.]

[Text on screen: Desjardins GoodSpark Grants. $3 million given to 150 small businesses.]

[A florist creates a bouquet.]

[Text on screen: Record year. $705 million invested by Desjardins Capital.]

[A man looks through the window of a high-rise building.]

[Text on screen: $3.9 million given to 587 companies to create quality jobs.]

[A young woman types on a laptop.]

[Text on screen: Helping businesses succeed.]

[A young man smiles while looking out a window.]

[Text on screen: Online Business Centre. 1,000 employees dedicated to the success of entrepreneurs.]

[Seated in front of a computer, an employee wearing a headset speaks into the microphone.]

[Text on screen: Agricultural financing leader in Quebec.]

[The sun shines on a village near a farm in the countryside.]

[Text on screen: With nearly 25% market share in the commercial and industrial sectors.]

[An employee wearing a safety vest stands in a warehouse.]

[Text on screen: Contributing nearly 50% of equity financing for publicly-traded Quebec companies since 2015.]

[A man and a woman talk while seated at a conference table.]

[Text on screen: #1 in initial public offerings in Quebec. Market cap $1 billion or less.]

[A woman smiles in a store.]

[Text on screen: Committed. Connected. Helping businesses prosper.]

[A man nods in a business district.]

[Desjardins logo.]