Presentation of Caisse Desjardins Hydro

Presentation of Caisse Desjardins Hydro (3 min 02 s)

Added on October 27, 2021

Caisse Desjardins Hydro is your financial partner and an agent of change for the Hydro-Québec community. Learn about all the advantages of being a caisse member.

Presentation of Caisse Desjardins Hydro (3 min 02 s)

Added on October 27, 2021 | Desjardins Group

Note: The information placed between brackets describes the visual and audio content of the video other than dialogue or narration.

[Background music]

Narrator: Desjardins is a large network of caisses spread across Quebec and Ontario.

[The Desjardins logo in green is shown on a white background. We zoom in on the logo until it disappears. A map of Quebec and Ontario appears.]

Narrator: It’s more than 250 cooperatives that are part of the life of their members and their communities.

[A network of dots gradually appears on the map.]

[On-screen text: More than 250 cooperatives]

Narrator: In this large network, a caisse is dedicated specifically to serve the financial needs of employees of Hydro-Quebec.

[The dots disappear. . The map disappears and only 2 white dots representing Quebec City and Montreal remain on a dark gray background. The dots are spinning. Slowly at first, then very quickly. The text "Hydro-Québec" appears in glowing letters.]

[On-screen text: Hydro-Québec]

Narrator: It's the Caisse Desjardins Hydro!

[On-screen text: Caisse Desjardins Hydro]

Narrator: At the heart of its community, it is a full-fledged cooperative headed by a board of directors made up of the main players of Hydro-Québec.

[The words "Caisse Desjardins Hydro" swirl and disappear as different geometric shapes swirl in and create a large hexagon. At the centre of the hexagon there is the word "Cooperative".]

On-screen text

[On-screen text: 12 directors from the Hydro-Québec community]

[The hexagon swirls around the texts on screen and hits the number 12, which unfolds like a split-flap display.]

Narrator: Thanks to the work of its team in the service of the interests of the members, the caisse invests its surpluses in its community.

[On-screen text: 30 employees serving members]

[The hexagon continues its course and brings us to the following text and hits the number 30 which is deployed in the same way.]

Narrator: In 2020, the Caisse paid $807,000 in individual dividends and injected more than $45,000 into the community through its Community Development Fund.

[On-screen text: $807,000 in individual dividends]

[On-screen text: $45,000 in the community]

Narrator: Above all, the Desjardins Hydro caisse ensures the financial autonomy of its members.

[The hexagon moves and comes to rest in the hand of the narrator, who is an animated woman.]

Narrator: Caisse Hydro draws on the collective strength of a group of workers to offer a full range of products and services intended exclusively for Hydro-Quebec employees and retirees as well as their family members.

[On-screen text: Deferred salary leave plan (DSLP), Pension plan, Group insurance, Social benefits]

Narrator: At the start of your career, we will be there to support you in setting up your financial projects.

[An animated young man appears in a sphere.]

[On-screen text: Early career]

Narrator: Count on our digital solutions that will allow you to do your transactions remotely.

[A young man is at his graduation, holding a diploma in his hands.]

[The following shot shows a close-up of the young man's smartphone as he performs various operations in AccèsD.]

[Text to the screen: Insurance renewal, Interac transfer, Card payment]

Narrator: The caisse is there to support its members during their working life.

[The narrator appears. A family made up of the young man and a woman holding a baby appears in the sphere.]

[On-screen text: Active life]

Narrator: Whatever your financial plans: buying a first home, financing your children's education, planning a trip or buying a cottage, you can count on us!

[The family appears again, surrounded by a cruise ship, a house and a cottage]

Narrator: Our advisors will be there, virtually or physically, to support you in your life decisions by leveraging your group insurance.

[The family is now sitting at an advisor's desk.]

[On-screen text: Group Insurance]

Narrator: We can also help you set your priorities and develop financial plans that will take into account the plans and services offered by the caisse.

[Still in the advisor's office. Above the family a sheet of paper appears with the projects of a home, children's education, cottage, and a cruise.]

[On-screen text: Deferred salary leave plan, mortgage loan]

Narrator: As time goes by, financial stakes can take a more important place in your choices for your priorities and plans for the future.

Narrator: At Caisse d'Hydro, we put all of our advisors at the service of your financial strategies.

[The narrator appears. A sphere containing a financial report appears.]

[On-screen text: The future]

Narrator: Our savings, investment and real estate teams will be there to support you to optimize your financial resources in order to achieve your retirement plans.

[A report appears on a tablet.]

[The young man is now older. He's watering his front yard.]

Narrator: Finally, our advisors will help you analyze your retirement priorities to ensure long-term financial comfort based on your pension fund.

[The sheet of paper containing the young family's goals appears. Many points have since been checked.]

Narrator: Caisse Hydro also acts as a development lever for the community by giving exclusive conferences and training.

[The narrator appears.]

[On-screen text: Community development lever]

[A tablet appears around her and we now see her through a screen, as if she was explaining something to us in an online class.]

Narrator: Each year, its financial strength allows the Caisse Hydro to enrich its community development assistance fund intended to support projects and causes that are important to its members.

[A swirl of small geometric shapes transitions to a hexagon of shapes.]

[On-screen text: Community Development Fund]

Narrator: Caisse Desjardins Hydro is your financial partner and an agent of change for your community!

[The narrator appears. Next to her are the 3 spheres seen previously. It shows the man as a young student, an adult with his family, and an older man watering his garden.]

Narrator: You too can enjoy the benefits of being a member of our caisse.

[Against a green background, a Desjardins caisse appears with the Hydro caisse.]

[On-screen text: You too can benefit from the advantages of being a member of our caisse.]

[Desjardins jingle]