Prepaid card : Easy to load, easy to use

Prepaid card : Easy to load, easy to use (0 min 45 s)

Added on September 26, 2018

Load your card in a few clicks. There are no reload fees, so you can keep using your card as long as you like.


Prepaid card : Easy to load, easy to use (0 min 45 s)

Added on September 26, 2018 | Personal

Note: The information between brackets describes the visual and audio content of the video that is not dialogue or narration.

[The video starts. A title appears on a mint green background. It reads: The prepaid card. Below the title appears a pile of coins on the left and the Desjardins prepaid Visa card on the right. A subtitle then appears. It reads: easy to load. A coin leaves the pile to jump into the card.]

[In the next image, the smartphone is in the user's left hand; on the phone's screen, only the Desjardins logo appears. With their right index finger, the user taps on the Desjardins logo to access their bank accounts. We see that they have $1,000 in their regular account. We see also that they have a Desjardins prepaid Visa card, whose balance is zero. The user taps the “Transfers” button at the bottom of the phone screen, and 3 options appear: “Transfers between accounts,” “Desjardins money transfers” and “Interac transfers.” The user taps on “Transfers between accounts” and sees that it says, “Select a source account.” Below that are 2 choices: the regular Desjardins account and the Desjardins prepaid Visa card.

[In the next image, the user taps their regular Desjardins account, then “To” and then on the destination account, which is the prepaid card. They are then asked to enter an amount. The user enters $100 using the keyboard, then taps “OK.”]

[Another screen appears, in which the user is asked to confirm the transaction before it is completed. They have 3 choices: “Cancel,” “Confirm” and “Modify.” The user taps “Confirm.”

[On the phone screen, we have returned to the Desjardins accounts page. We can clearly see that the regular account balance is now $900, and the prepaid card balance is now $100.]

[In the following image, we see the person's 2 hands, just like at the beginning of the video. The left hand is holding the smartphone, and the right hand is holding the prepaid card. Coins appear to be moving by themselves from the phone to the prepaid card, which appears to be inflating. But this time, many coins are being transferred, reflecting the fact that the user just loaded $100 onto their card.]

[End of the video: the right hand displays the prepaid card in close-up on a dark green background. The Desjardins logo then appears alone on the same dark green background.]