A financial plan to enjoy financial freedom

A financial plan to enjoy financial freedom (1 min 26 s)

Added on November 27, 2014


Quebecers are planning enthusiasts. Property purchase, renovations, wedding, retirement, the majority say they would plan to achieve their goals. However, 64% of survey respondents do not have a financial plan. And only 18% have a written plan to help them reach the great goals and objectives of their financial life. "Yet, they are the ones better equipped," explains Marc Dubuc from Desjardins Wealth Management, "94% of those with a written financial plan enjoy more freedom to carry out the projects close to their hearts."

A financial plan to enjoy financial freedom (1 min 26 s)

Added on November 27, 2014 | Desjardins Group

Every day, our financial advisors emphasize to our members the importance of financial planning. We wanted to go beyond the financial field and learn about the habits of Quebecers in planning for their life projects.

A survey conducted by SOM reveals that Quebecers describe themselves as planning enthusiasts. They would plan for many activities: wedding, renovations, parties with friends. And 85% of Quebecers say they are more effective when planning their projects.

We also learn that Quebecers do not plan alone. To achieve their goals, a vast majority say they seek help, for example, from a contractor for renovations or from a coach for training.

Although 9 out of 10 people claim they would equip themselves with a plan to save for their retirement or their projects, only 18% have a written plan to reach their financial goals. Yet, the financial plan is a simple tool that greatly eases the achievement of life projects.

For personal finances, the financial services advisor is the best person to guide his client throughout his financial life. He takes the time to listen and understand the situation, the objectives and projects to be able to prepare a personalized financial plan. It is simple and it is often settled in 2 meetings.

94% of respondents with a written financial plan said that it enables them to better achieve their financial goals. It's not a surprise because planning our financial life allows us to plan ahead to enjoy financial freedom and make our projects a reality!