Desjardins Group

Desjardins Group (2 min 21 s)

Added on April 6, 2017

Presentation of Desjardins Group, the leading cooperative financial group in Canada.

Desjardins Group (2 min 21 s)

Added on April 6, 2017 | Desjardins Group


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[Background music]

[Image: A Desjardins caisse]

Narrator: Desjardins is Canada's largest cooperative financial institution, where money works for people.

[Images: Members at a teller counter; a man using his smartphone to do his banking.]

Narrator: A cooperative organization with more than 4,500 elected officers and close to 48,000 employees at the service of more than 7 million members and clients.

[Images: Employees in a Desjardins office; an advisor greeting a couple in a waiting room and shaking their hands.]

Narrator: We are there for our members and clients at every stage of their lives. Continually innovating and adapting to their needs to offer the best products and services in more than 1,500 locations across Canada, the United States and Europe.

[Images: A couple; a mother and her young daughter in an office with an advisor; the same young girl laughing; a wall of ATMs.]

[On-screen text: Life and health property and casualty insurance; personal, business and institutional services; wealth management]

Narrator: As a strong supporter of young people, we encourage their projects and financial education. Every year, 1% of our surplus earnings goes towards financial education and cooperation. It is our commitment to future generations.

[Images: The reception desk of the Desjardins Cooperative Institute; a library where students are studying and talking; a student sitting at a computer.]

[On-screen text: A Facebook post that reads: "I got the Fondation Desjardins scholarship! So excited :)"]

Narrator: One of Canada's best corporate citizens, we contribute to regional development.

[Images: Woman with a bike, standing at the lakeshore facing the Toronto skyline.]

Narrator: We help to further the cooperative movement around the world.

[Images: A large business conference taking place.]

Narrator: We support innovation, creativity and major projects.

[Images: Three businesspeople standing in front of a large office window; a large cycling event.]

[On-screen text: Over $1B invested in businesses]

Narrator: To ensure growth and long term success, we're focusing on strengthening capitalization and increasing our presence in the Canadian market.

[Images: Large room full of desks and computers; a State Farm building.]

Narrator: We're one of the strongest financial institutions in the world and a leader in responsible investment.

[Images: Room full of computers, where a man is answering the phone.]

Narrator: To help support sustainable growth around the world, we have developed an expertise in creating and strengthening financial institutions in developing countries.

[Images: The planet Earth; a series of shots of teller counters in different developing countries.]

[On-screen text: A cooperative model shared among 30 countries]

Narrator: Desjardins is synonymous with trust, stability and prosperity. Our members and clients are at the centre of our values and actions. Close and committed.Thousands at the service of millions.

[Images: A woman with a cup of coffee in front of a computer; a group of business owners; an advisor meeting with a client; a young couple standing on a balcony looking into the distance; a rapid succession of many of the images previously seen in the video; return to the same young couple in close-up.]

[On-screen text: Desjardins]