Desjardins mobile services – AccèsD Affaires

Desjardins mobile services – AccèsD Affaires (1 min 20 s)

Added on April 20, 2018

Animated demonstration of AccèsD Affaires on the Desjardins mobile services app, available free of charge for tablets and smartphones. It's easy to use, secure and you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Desjardins mobile services – AccèsD Affaires (1 min 20 s)

Added on April 20, 2018 | Business

Note: The information between brackets describes the visual and video content that is not dialogue or narration.

[The Desjardins Business logo appears and then fades. It's replaced by a smartphone with the AccèsD Affaires logo. 2 green bars from the Desjardins logo appear, framing the smartphone.]

[Audio: Desjardins musical motif.]

[Zoom in on the AccèsD Affaires logo.]

[Audio: Background music.]

Narrator: “Be better at business with AccèsD Affaires.”

[The AccèsD Affaires logo disappears and boxes with “My Business” written on them roll by on a conveyor belt. The boxes pass by quickly in front of a window to an office where we see a business woman waving.]

[Sound of a conveyor belt.]

Narrator: “You're an entrepreneur…”

[We enter the office to find the business woman sitting in front of her laptop. On the wall behind her are graphs and a shelving unit. There are stacks of paperwork on her desk.]

[Surrounding the woman are icons representing documents, deductions, statements, transfers, payments, rebates, taxes, and symbols for dollars, percentages and additions.]

Narrator: “… And as a Desjardins Business member, you're probably already using AccèsD Affaires.”

[Audio: Sound of a pop-up.]

[We zoom in on the business woman's office. Her mouse transforms into a smartphone in her hand. A thumbprint appears on the smartphone. The business woman uses her thumbprint to verify her identity and the AccèsD Affaires summary page appears. Symbols for operations, percent signs and dollar signs appear in addition to icons representing government deductions and remittances and bills appear around the smartphone.]

[Audio: Sound of a pop-up.]

Narrator: “But did you know that the Desjardins mobile services app gives you to the freedom to do all the same regular AccèsD Affaires transactions, wherever and whenever you want?”

[We move from a smartphone to a laptop, which transforms into a tablet displaying the AccèsD Affaires summary page. Around the table, plus percentage and dollar signs appear, along with documents such as statements, invoices and taxes. The business woman's office disappears and we see her with her smartphone in hand. The background changes and we see a train arriving.]

[Audio: Sound of a pop-up.]

[We find the business woman sitting on the train, holding her smartphone. The landscape behind her includes a mountain, trees and windmills.]

Narrator: “It’s easy to use,”

[The words “easy to use” are written on the mountain.]

[Audio: Sound of a steam train.]

[The train is in a tunnel.]

Narrator: “very secure,”

[The word “secure” us written over the entrance to the tunnel.]

[Audio: Sound of a padlock, locking.]

[After crossing the tunnel, the train passes greenhouses and fields.]

Narrator: “and available anytime, anywhere”

[The words “available anywhere” appear after the train goes by.]

[Audio: Sound of wind (speed).]

Narrator: “and you can download the app for free.”

[The word “free” appears in the foreground.]

[The moving train creates a transition to another background. In a field, we see a farmer standing next to his tractor. The farmer has a smartphone and a cheque in his hands.]

[Audio: Tractor noises.]

Narrator: “Gilles makes mobile deposits so he can reap while he sows.”

[Close-up of the smartphone with the words “mobile deposit” written.]

[We see the farmer take a picture of the cheque with his smartphone and we see a close-up of the cheque in the smartphone.]

[Audio: Flash sound from a camera.]

[We transition to see a chef in his kitchen, working over the stove. He's stirring a pot with one hand, and paying a bill on his smartphone with the other. There's a close-up of the words “bill payment” and the smartphone displaying the AccèsD Affaires summary page.]

Narrator: “Chef Béland uses the app to pay his bills. He doesn't like to keep his suppliers or his customers waiting.”

[We zoom in on the smartphone and a visual of the AccèsD Affaires summary page changes. The text “Gilles the farmer, personalized bill payments” appears along with a photo of Gilles. The word “paid” appears on screen.]

[Audio: Sounds of a boiling pot and a metal bell.]

[Background change. We see a woman with Hispanic features out on a golf course. The image of a building appears close to her head. She makes her putt. While the ball rolls on the green, we see her smartphone with the visual of the AccèsD Affaires summary page and the text “international funds transfer.” The ball stops close to the hole. The smartphone screen changes and we see “US$XX,XXX.” The golf ball drops into the hole and the word “sent” appear.]

[Audio: Birds singing, sound of a putt and the ball rolling into the hole.]

Narration: “Sophia uses it to transfer funds for her real estate business in Florida, even during her annual golf vacation. She's a real pro—on and off the course!”

[The scene changes and we see all the business owners, lined up side by side, with their smartphones in hand. One after the other, we see them using their smartphones. They move to the left to make room for the AccèsD Affaires logo and the text “Desjardins mobile services,” and the App Store and Google Play logos.

[Audio: Sounds of multiple emails being sent.]

Narrator: “With the Desjardins mobile services app and AccèsD Affaires, you have a secure way to stay on track, no matter where you are. Download it today!”

[The logos fade away and are replaced by the Desjardins Business logo.]

[Audio: Desjardins musical motif.]