Member dividends: It's all about sharing

Member dividends: It's all about sharing (1 min 43 s)

Added on April 24, 2024

Member dividends were created as a way to give back to members who choose Desjardins. See how they're calculated.

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Member dividends: It's all about sharing (1 min 43 s)

Added on April 24, 2024 | Desjardins Group

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[On-screen text: At your side]

Narrator: Being at your side also means returning a portion of the surpluses earned by your cooperative to you.

It's our way of giving back to members who have placed their trust in us and chosen us for their financial needs.

[On-screen text: Member dividends]

Narrator: Member dividends are our way of recognizing your participation in your cooperative.

This year, 412 million dollars will be paid out in member dividends—that's 9 million more than last year.

[On-screen text: Member dividends]

Narrator: There are 2 categories of member dividends: volume dividends and product dividends.

Let's start with volume dividends.

Like the name says, this is a personalized amount based on your business volume in each of our 3 major product lines:

  • Accounts
  • Loans, lines of credit and credit cards, and
  • Savings and investments

For accounts, loans, lines of credit and some investment products, volume dividend calculations are based on the average balance maintained during the year.

For credit cards, the calculation is based on total net purchases, and for wealth management investment services, it's based on fees and commissions paid.

For every $1,000, an amount will be added to your volume dividend.

Product dividends recognize your product holding in each major product line.

They can be up to $50 and are paid to members who had at least 1 product in each of the categories over the year.

[On-screen text: Community dividends]

Narrator: Community dividends are a way to support local initiatives that improve the quality of life of communities.

Your credit union's Community Development Fund supports causes that are important to you, so that together we can build a better, stronger future for all of us.

This year, 55 million dollars will be paid out in community dividends.

Member dividends are our way of thanking you for choosing Desjardins and giving back to your community. Just another way we're on your side.

[On-screen text: At your side]

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