Member dividends: It's all about sharing

Member dividends: It's all about sharing (2 min 19 s)

Added on April 13, 2021

Member dividends were created as a way to give back to members who choose Desjardins. In the last few years, we've made changes to make member dividends more fair and more accessible. Find out how they're calculated for Ontario members.


Member dividends: It's all about sharing (2 min 19 s)

Added on April 13, 2021 | Desjardins Group

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[Background music]

Narrator: Member dividends… It’s all about sharing

[Various images of Desjardins members. A family looks out the window of their house, waving goodbye to visitors. A father and son look out across a big lake.]

Narrator: Member dividends were created as a way to give back to members like you who choose Desjardins for their financial needs. And in the last few years, we've made changes to member dividends to make them more fair and more accessible.

[Two men and their son prepare to assemble a toy in their living room. A father and 2 young children play with wooden toys in their kitchen. A young woman in a bike shop looks at the camera. A young woman goes for a run. Three kids walk on a trail in the woods, carrying fishing equipment. A mother sits on a chair, trying to rock her baby to sleep.]

Narrator: Dividends are also a way to support community-based initiatives that benefit everyone. This is what we mean when we talk about community dividends.

[A group of cyclists bike along a trail. A group of teenage girls warm up before a soccer game.]

Narrator: Let's start with member dividends.

There are 2 categories of member dividends: volume dividends, which recognize the amount of money you entrust to your cooperative, and product dividends, which recognize that you have at least 1 product from each major product line.

[Animations are shown onscreen to illustrate how dividends work. Four circles with dollar signs on them appear. The circles flip over.]

Narrator: Like the name says, the volume dividend is a personalized amount based on your business volume in each product line: accounts, loans and credit, savings and investments.

[The dollar sign on each circle changes into an icon: a piggy bank, a house, a bar chart and an umbrella. The icons represent the 3 product families: Accounts, Loans and credit, Savings and investments.]

Narrator: Volume dividend calculations are based on average balances from each product line over the year.

[The circles transform into vertical cylinders. The height of each cylinder is different.]

Narrator: For every $1,000, an amount will be added to your volume dividend.

[The cylinders are broken down into stacked-up tokens.]

Narrator: The product dividend is up to $50, paid to members who have at least 1 product from each major product line over the year.

[The circles with the icons of the 3 product categories appear again.]

[Text onscreen: Accounts. Loans and credit + credit cards. Savings and investments.]

[The series of images starts again. Two smiling young women look at a smartphone.]

Narrator: Member dividends are our way of thanking you for choosing Desjardins.

[A woman working in a restaurant kitchen puts food in a bag. Close-up of a man in his sixties wearing a mask. Close-up of a woman working in healthcare, also wearing a mask. The camera follows a young boy getting on the school bus.]

Narrator: Dividends are also a way to support local initiatives that improve the quality of life of communities. These are called community dividends.

[Close-up of a young woman learning choreography with a dance troupe. Close-up of a young boy with disabilities, laughing with his companion. Two grandparents look at their grandchildren through a patio door, making hearts with their hands.]

Narrator: Your caisse's Community Development Fund supports causes that are important to you, so that together we can build a better, stronger future for all of us.

[A woman in her thirties poses proudly in front of her business, wearing an apron and holding a cup of coffee.]

Narrator: This year, Desjardins caisses will pay out a total of 330 million dollars in member dividends, and more than 50 million dollars in community dividends.

[Close-up of an elderly man looking at something he's holding. Close-up of a teenage boy looking thoughtfully out the window. Close-up of a young girl playing at the park with her mother.]

Narrator: Because when it comes to member dividends, it's all about sharing.

[On-screen logo: Desjardins logo]

[Background music: Desjardins jingle]

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