Supporting local businesses in Chibougamau

Supporting local businesses in Chibougamau (1 min 13 s)

Added on December 4, 2017


Entreprises Alain Maltais is a family business that offers quality services to forestry and mining companies in Northern Quebec.

Supporting local businesses in Chibougamau (1 min 13 s)

Added on December 4, 2017 | Desjardins Group

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[Text on screen: The Desjardins Difference No. 08]

[Image: Black and white mosaic of participants' faces]

[Background music: guitar]

[Text on screen: Thanks to its members, Caisse de Chibougamau can support local businesses like Entreprises Alain Maltais.]

[Image on screen: A road with a logging truck road sign]

Alexandre Naud Bédard: Entreprises Maltais is a family-owned company that provides mining and forestry services for the area.

[Text on screen: Alexandre Naud Bédard, heavy equipment operator]

[Overlay image of an icon with a pickaxe and shovel and another with evergreen trees]

[Audio: Pop-up noise as icons appear]

Mario Gauthier: Road construction, loading and transporting logs.

[Text on screen: Mario Gauthier, administrative assistant]

[Overlay image of a truck transporting logs driving by]

[Audio: Truck engine]

[Audio: Truck honks]

Yannick Leroux: It's challenging work. We have to go into the forest and get repairs done quickly.

[Text on screen: Yannick Leroux, mechanic]

Alexandre Naud Bédard: We're often 200 kilometres from the closest town, so you don't want to get stuck, you don't want to have problems.

[Image overlay of a tent in the woods with a campfire. A crescent moon drifts across the sky.]

[Audio: Crickets chirping]

[Audio: A wolf howls.]

Yannick Leroux: Entreprises Alain Maltais is no mickey mouse operation. We do everything to make a good impression, to not break down on the side of the road.

[Overlay image of a no pots symbol]

[Audio: Buzzer]

Mario Gauthier: We bought 2 Tigercat long-log loaders.

Alexandre Naud Bédard: We increased productivity and lowered our operating costs.

[Overlay image of a graph with an arrow going up]

[Audio: Sound of arrow zipping upward]

Mario Gauthier: I think it's a great company. They're great bosses.

Yannick Leroux: Entreprises Alain Maltais is like my second family.

Mario Gauthier: They're really involved in the community and do a lot of sponsorship.

[Overlay image of a team jacket covered in Entreprises Alain Maltais logos]

[Audio: Swooshing as logos are drawn onto jacket]

Alexandre Naud Bédard: The Entreprises Alain Maltais hockey team—they're really involved in all kinds of events. Often, we're the sponsor.

[Overlay image of two hockey sticks passing a puck]

[Audio: Cheering]

Yannick Leroux: Through the social club, we organize a fishing tournament at Gwillim Lake. It's a big gathering. Everyone comes with their kids and their trailers.

[Overlay image of a shark swimming across the screen: it swallows part of the speaker, leaving his rib cage visible as it swims by.]

[Audio: Shark noise]

Mario Gauthier: Entreprises Alain Maltais is no mickey mouse operation.

[Overlay image of a no pots symbol]

[Audio: Buzzer]

Alexandre Naud Bédard: The company's a source of pride for Chibougamau. Definitely.

[Text on screen: Supporting the growth of local businesses]

[Text on screen: That's the Desjardins difference]

[Background music: guitar]

[Image on screen: Desjardins logo]

[Audio: Desjardins musical motif]