The Entrepreneurial Journey

The Entrepreneurial Journey (0 min 39 s)

Added on November 17, 2017


The path an entrepreneur takes is often shaped by their dream or vision. And when that entrepreneur teams up with a strategic financial partner with the same values and drive—that sparks business growth, and lets the company remain in Quebec, too.

The Entrepreneurial Journey (0 min 39 s)

Added on November 17, 2017 | Business

[A small circle appears and begins to pulse rhythmically.]

Narrator: "It all starts here, between two heartbeats."

[The circle stops pulsing as a line traces the shape of a lightbulb around it. The circle begins to glow.]

Narrator: "An idea is born."

[A lighthouse rises from below. The beacon turns, casting an eclipsing beam of light. The word "VISION" appears briefly. The beacon turns again, revealing a starry night sky. Above the lighthouse, the words "DREAM" and "BUSINESS" appear in succession.]

Narrator: "Slowly, this idea grows into a vision, a dream, a business, and you win your first contract."

[A white circle appears and expands to fill the screen, revealing a document. A signature appears at the bottom of the page.]

Narrator: "Then, you team up with a strategic partner who helps you see further...."

[A black dot appears at the end of the signature and moves to the centre of a new screen, then a green dot of the same size appears beside it. Above the dots, a line draws a small house. The dots jump up and bump the house, causing it to grow into a multi-storey building with the words "MY COMPANY" written above it.]

Narrator: "…transform your debts into growth capital, building something with people who share your values."

[The two dots move together in an arc around the building and disappear beneath it as two smaller, multi-storey buildings arise on either side. Four dots appear and trace circles around the buildings on which the words "RESPECT, INTEGRITY, and COOPERATION" appear in succession."

Narrator: "Over the years, partners become allies."

[A dot appears beneath the buildings and jumps to a new screen with the word "PARTNERS" in the middle. It bounces atop each letter, transforming the word into "ALLIES".]

Narrator: "You've become something greater than oneself."

[The word "ALLIES" fades and another dot moves on screen, tracing an outline of the Province of Québec.]

Narrator: "Something anchored here, in Québec."

[The outline fades and two parallel green lines appear with the phrase "Here in Québec" in between them. The writing disappears and the lines move outward to form part of the green logo of Desjardins.]

[Logo of Desjardins]

[Text on screen: "Desjardins Capital"]