5 scholarship winners from Caisse Desjardins de Saint-Jérôme (in French only)

5 scholarship winners from Caisse Desjardins de Saint-Jérôme (in French only) (3 min 13 s)

Added on February 23, 2017

Here are the 5 Desjardins Foundation scholarship winners from Caisse Desjardins de Saint-Jérôme.

5 scholarship winners from Caisse Desjardins de Saint-Jérôme (in French only) (3 min 13 s)

Added on February 23, 2017 | Desjardins Group

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[Text on screen: In 2016, Desjardins Foundation awarded 465 scholarships to students for a total value of $822,500. Here are the 5 winners from Caisse Desjardins de Saint-Jérôme.]

My name is Liam Browne, I study law at Université de Montréal.

Marie-Line Richard, I am currently a Bachelor of Nursing student at the Université du Québec en Outaouais.

Vincent Roy and I am a student at the Bachelor of Medical Biology.

Stéphanie Duchesne. I study nursing at Vanier College.

Marie-Anne Beaudet. I am a student in Early Childhood Education at the Cégep de Saint-Jérôme.

Why did you choose to call upon the Desjardins Foundation?

I appealed to the Desjardins Foundation to help me, to support me in my efforts to go back to school.

Allow me to work less. It would be a great pleasure.

I could concentrate even more on my studies and have results that are the same or better.

A member of my family talked to me about the scholarship and I thought it was a good way to help me financially.

What was your reaction when you learned that you had won a scholarship from Desjardins Foundation?

I was proud and I felt like finally... well not finally but I mean to... I felt rewarded after working so hard for my notes, I was happy.

It is really very pleasant. It was a nice surprise. I was very happy.

I did not think I could ever have a chance to get a scholarship.

I was really happy because it also told me that my efforts were rewarded and that it was worth working hard during the year.

Studying is not always easy… What is your recipe for success?

When I need to relax, I sit with my son and I play with miniature cars.

Study sessions, then after two hours I tell myself OK I watch a little TV for fifteen minutes, and then I go on.

Being with my friends or being with my boyfriend, it's for me a little moment where I go OK! I can breathe, I'm with my friends. My social life is very important.

Do you have a message for the Desjardins Foundation?

I do not know how to say it but a big thank you. It gives me a lot of support.

I would say thank you very much to allow students the chance to be able to continue their studies and to have a life in the end. Yes...

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity because it will help me a lot for a travelling project I have.

A big thank you! It's only a small amount for the foundation, but for us as students, it means so much. It's amazing how this scholarship can help us, how it can give us a boost, how it can fundamentally be a plus.


Congratulations to all winners!