Tanya Kuh, Claims Legal Assistant

Tanya Kuh, Claims Legal Assistant (1 min 45 s)

Added on October 20, 2011


Claims Legal Assistants take on various administrative support responsibilities related to legal matters. This involves processing, analyzing and presenting files to lawyers using activity reports, records and statistics.


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Tanya Kuh, Claims Legal Assistant (1 min 45 s)

Added on October 20, 2011 | Desjardins Group

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Tanya Kuh: When I was younger, I was very outgoing. I grew up in a condominium, similar to the building I work in, and there were so many kids to play with.

[On-screen text: outgoing]

Tanya Kuh: Carrying that part of my childhood through to my adulthood has really helped me in communicating and getting things done.

[On-screen text: communication]

Tanya Kuh: One of my biggest strengths, I think, is communication and being about to work well with others. I can always trust somebody in my department to give a helping hand and to help out and get things done.

[Image: Tanya Kuh sitting at her desk in an open-concept office]

[On-screen text: TANYA KUH Claims Legal Assistant]

Tanya Kuh: I'm a Claims Legal Assistant at Desjardins. In the beginning you get a file and it can come in a box.

[Images: Tanya Kuh taking papers out of a filing cabinet; at her desk working at a computer, on the phone; speaking with a colleague, taking notes]

Tanya Kuh: There are a lot of papers and sometimes you get a stack like this [raises hand to chest height], and sometimes you get a stack like this [raises hand to head height]. And my job is to go through those stacks of paper initially, get them all organized in date order in different areas, whether it be investigation or forms, put them in binders, organized, and present them to the lawyer that I work for. In terms of education, you need to finish your high school and receive your diploma.

[On-screen text: High School, Legal Administrative Assistant]

Tanya Kuh: And then after that you would go to college for two years to take a legal administrative assistance program. We prepare a lot of reports and legal opinions based on what medical reports we receive in from other doctors or hospitals. You need to be able to communicate very, very well and you need to be extremely organized. All of the departments work here together and so I get to know every part and it gives you a better understanding of how everything is carried out from the beginning to the very end.

[On-screen text: Her talent is what moves us forward]

[On-screen text: Your talent is what moves us forward]

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