TeenZones: Supporting young people

TeenZones: Supporting young people (1 min 32 s)

Added on November 26, 2018

Meet Shannon, Jade, Erik and Radhika. They tell us just how YMCA TeenZone offers a safe environment where they can be themselves and develop their full potential. When you choose Desjardins, you’re supporting the YMCAs of Québec Foundation and helping thousands of young people thrive.

TeenZones: Supporting young people (1 min 32 s)

Added on November 26, 2018 | Desjardins Group

Note: The information in brackets describes the visual and audio content of the video, and the rest of the text corresponds to the dialogue.

[Background music]

[Text on screen: TeenZones: Supporting young people.]

[We see a young person (Youth 1) sitting on a sofa, at a YMCA, speaking to the camera. Other young people are sitting studying at tables behind her. While she's talking, we see a banner bearing the YMCA logo.]

Youth 1: TeenZone was like my second family. I went there because I didn't want to go home after school because of the personal stuff going on there.

[We see young people at a table, building a house of cards. Another youth, (Youth 2) is sitting on the sofa and is talking to the camera. The camera cuts to lockers, then a foosball table.]

Youth 2: I was just, like, on the streets with my friends, doing stupidness. And then one day one of my friends brought me there and it was just, like, I had another home to go to when I didn't want to actually go home.

[Another young person (Youth 3) is sitting on the sofa facing the camera and starts speaking. We notice someone whose name tag says “David.” He's talking with another young person whose back is to us.]

Youth 3: For me, the TeenZone, it really changed how I saw myself, because it made me have more confidence in myself. It made me have different perspectives. Anyone could feel safe. Whether you're part of the LGBTQ community; whether you're a person of colour; whether you're, like, anyone. You're all accepted.

[A young person (Youth 4) is playing the Uno card game with a friend. Youth 4 speaks to the camera while sitting on the sofa. We can see 2 boys laughing together, and then 2 other young men, who are studying at a table.]

Youth 4: It changes you. You walk into TeenZone and it changes everything. You're comfortable there, you can be yourself. If you've got problems, they're there to help. They have activities, you meet a lot of people. School can be tough, work can be tough. It's tough everywhere. But at TeenZone, they don't judge you.

[YMCA logo]

[A dozen youth are on or around the sofa. They're smiling and all looking in the same direction. They get up and leave.]

[Text on screen: We're all committed to supporting youth]

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