How can you use your credit card wisely?

How can you use your credit card wisely? (1 min 29 s)

Added on August 1, 2022


The first lesson about using your credit card is to stay in control. Listen to what the Credit Coach has to say and learn how to manage your finances effectively with Desjardins

How can you use your credit card wisely? (1 min 29 s)

Added on August 1, 2022 | Personal

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[On-screen text: How can you use your credit card wisely?]

Credit coach: How can you use your credit card wisely?

[A leafy plant stands in front of a white wall with a clock. The credit coach jumps in and takes a surfing stance.]

Credit coach: Credit coach!

[She blows a whistle hanging around her neck.]

[On-screen text: credit coach]

[Upbeat music]

[Wearing various sports outfits, the credit coach stretches, drinks a smoothie while lifting a small dumbbell, karate chops wood planks, plays tennis in virtual reality, flexes her biceps and does the limbo.]

[The credit coach sits on a yoga mat.]

Credit coach: Congrats on your credit card!

[A bank user wearing a yoga outfit smiles broadly.]

Credit coach: But remember, you have to stay Zen. Follow me. Omm…

[The credit coach closes her eyes and opens her palms. The yogi bank user, seated on a yoga mat, does the same.]

Yogi bank user: Omm…

Credit coach: Omm...

Yogi bank user: Om...

[The credit coach opens her eyes.]

Credit coach: You got this! But remember, it's a credit card. Every time you buy something, you have to pay the amount back. And you have to pay it on time, so you don't get charged interest. Okay, so there's a minimum amount to pay back based on your purchases. Here is your mantra.

[A gong rings.]

[Sound waves emanate from the credit coach as she opens her palms.]

[The credit coach begins to chant.]

Credit coach: To avoid interest charges, you will pay back the balance in full by the due date on your statement.

[The credit coach opens her eyes.]

Credit coach: Ah, ah, ah! Look at your statements to verify all the transactions.

[Wide-eyed, the yogi bank user leans forward.]

Yogi bank user: All of them? Every single one?

Credit coach: Yep, all of them 'cause if you see any transactions that you didn't make, you can contest them. Hang on. Another little Zen tip. You can go into your account and set up your payments in advance. That way, you never forget.

[The yogi bank user takes her phone out of her leg warmer, taps on the screen and then puts it back. She closes her eyes and makes a diamond shape with her hands.]

Credit coach: One last thing. Try not to use your credit card in an ATM. You'll be charged interest the second you take the money out of the account.

[The yogi bank user moves her hands in a series of yogic and dance gestures.]

[On-screen logo: Desjardins logo]

[Background music: Desjardins jingle]

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