How can you manage your credit card on AccèsD?

How can you manage your credit card on AccèsD? (1 min 40 s)

Added on August 1, 2022


Find out about some of the features on AccèsD that can help you use your credit card like a pro. Listen to what the Credit Coach has to say and learn how to manage your finances effectively with Desjardins.

How can you manage your credit card on AccèsD? (1 min 40 s)

Added on August 1, 2022 | Personal

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[On-screen text: How can you manage your credit card on AccèsD?]

Credit coach: How can you manage your credit card on AccèsD?

[A leafy plant stands in front of a white wall with a clock. The credit coach walks in, scrolling on her phone.]

[Upbeat music]

[The credit coach jumps in surprise.]

Credit coach: AH! I'm ready!

[She blows the whistle hanging around her neck.]

Credit coach: Credit coach.

[On-screen text: credit coach]

[Wearing various sports outfits, the credit coach stretches, drinks a smoothie while lifting a small dumbbell, karate chops wood planks, plays tennis in virtual reality, flexes her biceps and does the limbo.]

[The credit coach watches a video of a cat lifting dumbbells on her phone.]

Credit coach: Between two cat videos, I'm gonna share with you a few AccèsD features that will help you manage your credit card like a champ.

[A bank user puts on roller skates and pulls her phone out of her leg warmer. The credit coach flexes her bicep.]

Credit coach: First thing you need to know is that AccèsD is your best friend when it comes to managing your personal finances. Why? 'Cause AccèsD gives you access to your outstanding balance, the due date, the minimum payment due and information on your credit limit, not to mention your transaction details, your statement and where you're at in your rewards program if you have one.

[Smiling, the skater bank user holds the back of a chair. She roller skates in place and dances.]

Credit coach: So that's everything you need to develop good habits.

[The credit coach dances.]

Credit coach: You can also set up two notifications in AccèsD: one that lets you know when you're reaching your credit limit and another that lets you know when your payment is due.

[On-screen text: Credit limit approaching. Payment due]

Credit coach: Oh! But remember, you can also program automatic payments, so you never forget to pay a balance.

[A video of a cat typing wildly on a laptop keyboard plays.]

Credit coach: And when I say "program," I don't mean you have to be a computer wiz or anything. You just have to click Pay card in AccèsD.

[Using a selfie stick to hold her phone, the skater bank user searches her pockets and fanny pack.]

Credit coach: One last thing. If you think you lost your card, use the Lock card feature to put a temporary block on it.

[The skater bank user pulls her card out from her hair and smiles.]

Credit coach: Found it! Great news. Go back to the same place and reactivate it. Now, you have everything you need to check and track your credit account in one place.

[With a confused expression, the skater bank user skates in circles.]

Credit coach: You no longer have to go back and forth checking your statements.

[The skater bank user smiles broadly and skates straight forward.]

[On-screen logo: Desjardins logo]

[Background music: Desjardins jingle]

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