How can you build a good credit file?

How can you build a good credit file? (1 min 19 s)

Added on October 20, 2022


The Credit Coach has 5 drills that will help you build a strong credit profile. Follow their Instructions to learn how to manage your finances effectively with Desjardins.

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How can you build a good credit file? (1 min 19 s)

Added on October 20, 2022 | Personal

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[On-screen text: How can you build a good credit file?]

Credit coach: How can you build a good credit file?

[The credit coach jogs in wearing a green sports jacket, a yellow sweatband and yellow wristbands. She blows a whistle hanging around her neck.]

Credit coach: Credit coach!

[On-screen text: credit coach]

[Upbeat music plays]

[The credit coach blows the whistle and walks away. Wearing various sports outfits, the credit coach stretches, drinks a smoothie while lifting a small dumbbell, karate chops wood planks, plays tennis in virtual reality, flexes her biceps and does the limbo. ]

[The credit coach stands between the plant and the clock.]

Credit coach: Ready to build a good credit file? Here are 5 exercises to get you on track.

[She smiles while running in place and then holds up her index finger.]

Credit coach: Exercise 1. Pay everything on time: your bills, your debts, your parking tickets. Never pay late. Never.

[Animated payment notices appear around the credit coach. She puts down her index finger and then holds it up again every time an animated payment notice appears. She then puts down her whole arm.]

[The credit coach appears in 2 small windows, and then holds up her index and middle fingers on her right hand.]

Credit coach: Exercise 2. Borrow money based on your ability to repay it. Make sure that your payment amounts fit into your budget.

[The credit coach appears in 3 small windows and does bicep curls with small dumbbells.]

Credit coach: 1, 2, 3. Exercise 3. Only use part of your available credit. The recommended limit is 35%. To build a good credit file, just stick to the recommended limit and pay it off on time. You can do it!

[Wearing a windbreaker, the credit coach does the limbo.]

[The credit coach holds a megaphone up to her mouth.]

Credit coach: Exercise 4. Spend wisely, according to your budget and your ability to repay.

[The credit coach holds up 5 fingers. Her image doubles momentarily and she high-fives herself.]

Credit coach: Exercise 5. Don't take out too many loans at once. If your loan requests go up over a short time, your credit score could take a hit. AGH!

[The credit coach, wearing a karate uniform, karate chops wood planks. Later, she appears with bandages covering her hand.]

Credit coach: Voilà. If you keep all this in mind, I'm sure your credit file will be just fine.

[She glances at her bandaged hand and laughs weakly.]

[The credit coach smiles broadly while running in place.]

[On-screen logo: Desjardins logo]

[Background music: Desjardins jingle]

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