Every business begins with a first spark

Every business begins with a first spark (1 min 59 s)

Added on March 22, 2022

Desjardins reunited small business owners with the first sparks who believed in them. And in one day, our agents and advisors delivered $3 million worth of Desjardins GoodSpark Grants, because we believe in them too.


Every business begins with a first spark (1 min 59 s)

Added on March 22, 2022 | Personal

[Context: A video describing the stories of various small business owners and their paths to becoming GoodSpark Grant recipients. The text in square brackets describes audio and visual content in the video other than the dialogue or narration.]

[Soft, melodic music plays under throughout.]

[On-screen action: Open on Rav Singh, the owner of Shade of Miti, standing in a greenhouse surrounded by plants. The Desjardins chevron surrounds her.]

[On-screen text: Rav Singh, Shade of Miti]

Rav: My name is Rav, I'm the owner of Shade of Miti, a small-scale organic farm where I focus on food and climate justice.]

[On-screen action: Cut to a profile shot of Rav tending to plants.]

Rav: Someone who really inspires me is my really good friend, Rahul…

[On-screen action: Cut to Rav speaking to the camera.]

Rav: He has such a genuine curiosity for learning, which I try to bring into my business.

[On-screen action: Cut to Rav watering plants with a watering can.]

Narrator: At Desjardins, …

[On-screen action: Cut to a shot of Rav picking radishes.]

Narrator: … we know every business begins with a first spark.

[On-screen action: Cut to Hamayal Choudhry, the owner of smartARM Robotics, standing in his office.]

[On-screen text: Hamayal Choudhry, smartARM Robotics]

Hamayal: Sekai, she was basically our first customer.

[On-screen action: Cut to a profile shot of Hamayal.]

Hamayal: She gave us our first cheque …

[On-screen action: Cut to Hamayal working on a robotic arm.]

Hamayal: … helping us make our first prototype.

[On-screen action: Cut to Hamayal smiling as he works on the robotic arm.]

Narrator: Someone who encourages and supports with all their heart.

[On-screen action: Cut to Lucy Cullen, the owner of EarthPup, standing in a kitchen.]

[On-screen text: Lucy Cullen, EarthPup Dog Treats]

Lucy: We really wouldn't be here without the support of …

[On-screen action: Cut to a profile shot of Lucy working.]

Lucy: …my boyfriend's mom.

[On-screen action: Cut to an overhead shot of vegetable pulp being mixed. Cut to the mixture being piped onto trays.]

Lucy: She helped get the company…

[On-screen action: Cut to Lucy talking to the camera.]

Lucy: … to the next level and really …

Chris [off camera]: Hi, Lucy!

[On-screen action: Lucy looks over in surprise. Lucy and her first spark – her boyfriend's mom, Chris – embrace.]

Narrator: So, we reunited small business owners with the first sparks who believed in them.

Lucy: Hi!

Chris: I'm so proud of you.

[On-screen action: Cut to Hamayal's first spark, Sekai, walking into his office and surprising him.]

Hamayal: What are you doing here?

Sekai: Surprise!

[On-screen action: Hamayal and Sekai embrace.]

Hamayal: How are you?

[On-screen action: Cut to Rav's first spark, Rahul, walking up to her in her greenhouse and surprising her.]

Rav: One thing I really appreciate about him is how he …

Rahul [laughing]: Thanks so much, Rav!

[On-screen action: Rav turns to look at Rahul in surprise. Rahul laughs.]

Rahul: How's it going?

[On-screen action: Rav and Rahul embrace.]

Rav: What are you doing here?

Rahul: Good to see you!

[On-screen action: Cut to Sekai and Hamayal.]

Sekai: Your dedication to your work, your passion, you show me every single day what's possible.

[On-screen action: Cut to Rav and Rahul pulling back from their embrace.]

Rahul: I'm here to remind you how amazing you are. I want you to meet someone special.

[On-screen action: Rav turns her head to look. Matthew from Desjardins enters the frame and shakes Rav's hand.]

Matthew: Hey, I'm Matthew from Desjardins.

Rav: Hi.

[On-screen action: Cut to a shot of Matthew.]

Matthew: We really love what you're doing, and we are here to support you.

[On-screen action: Cut to a green Desjardins envelope being handed to Rav.]

Narrator: And in one day, our agents and advisors …

[On-screen action: Cut to Rav opening the envelope.]

Narrator: … delivered three million dollars' worth of Desjardins GoodSpark Grants.

[On-screen action: Cut to a close up of Rav pulling the grant certificate out of the envelope. Cut to the three standing together.]

Rav: Oh, thank you!

[On-screen action: Rav looks overcome with emotion.]

Narrator: Because we believe in them, too.

Rav: This means a lot to me. Thanks.

[On-screen action: Cut to Mohammad Emami, his father, and Maria from Desjardins standing in Mohammad's restaurant. Mohammad opens his green Desjardins envelope.]

[On-screen text: Mohammad Emami, Nannaa Persian Eatery]

Dad: Thank you very much.

Mohammad: No way!

[On-screen action: Cut to Chris and Lucy with Jameel from Desjardins in Lucy's kitchen. Chris hugs Lucy.]

Chris [laughing happily]: Congratulations!

Lucy: Thank you!

[On-screen action: Cut to Kevin Cyr and his parents standing in a classroom with Jacqueline from Desjardins. Kevin looks at his grant certificate in disbelief.]

[On-screen text: Kevin Cyr, Brave Education]

Kevin: Oh my gosh!

Cut to Sandra Smith and her daughter with Jyoti from Desjardins standing in Sandra's boutique. Sandra looks at the grant in disbelief.

[On-screen text: Sandra Smith, Gilded Cage Boutique]

Sandra: Ohhh!

[On-screen action: Cut to Luanga Nuwame looking at his grant certificate with his first spark, Hugh, and Samantha from Desjardins.]

[On-screen text: Luanga Nuwame, Zelpha Comics]

Luanga: This is surreal!

[On-screen action: Cut to Dina from Desjardins standing with Sekai and Hamayal as Hamayal looks at his grant certificate.]

Hamayal: Oh, no way! Thank you so much!

[On-screen action: Cut to Hamayal and Dina shaking hands.]

Dina: All the best, we can't wait to see what you're going to do with it.

[On-screen action: Cut to Chris and Lucy.]

Chris: You're going to be a success. You are a success.

[On-screen action: Cut to Matthew, Rav and Rahul. Rav is teary-eyed.]

Rav: I've always wanted to encourage other people of colour, and women, and people in the same boat as me to just follow their dreams and I know this will definitely help.

[On-screen action: Cut to Rav and Rahul sharing a warm embrace.]

[On-screen text: To all those who spark their communities,]

[On-screen action: Cut to Sekai and Hamayal hugging.]

[On-screen action: Cut to Chris and Lucy hugging.]

[On-screen text: thank you]

[On-screen action: Cut to Rav holding her Desjardins GoodSpark Grant envelope, smiling.]

Rav: This is the biggest cheque I've ever held.

[On-screen action: Cut to a green background with the Desjardins end slate.]

[Music stops]

[Desjardins jingle]

[On-screen text: Desjardins logo]

[On-screen legal text: Desjardins Insurance refers to Certas Home and Auto Insurance Company, underwriter of automobile and property insurance or Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company, underwriter of life insurance and living benefits products. DESJARDINS™, DESJARDINS INSURANCE™ all trademarks containing the word DESJARDINS, as well as related logos are trademarks of the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec, used under licence.]

[End of text transcript]