Western Quebec and Ontario regional winner - GIRO Inc.

Western Quebec and Ontario regional winner - GIRO Inc. (3 min 18 s)

Added on September 15, 2016


GIRO (Groupe en Informatique et Recherche Opérationnelle) is a Montreal business specializing in software development, marketing and adjustments for public transit companies and postal service providers. Since its modest beginnings in 1979, GIRO has become a world-class company with more than 350 employees. Over 80% of its sales come from international markets, and its clients hail from more than 30 countries.


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Western Quebec and Ontario regional winner - GIRO Inc. (3 min 18 s)

Added on September 15, 2016 | Desjardins Group

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[Background music.]

[We open on Paul Hamelin, President and CEO of Giro, walking between cubicles towards the camera. The shot is in slow motion and in black and white.]

[The 2016 Entrepreneur Award and Giro logos appear onscreen, along with the words: INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE CATEGORY.]

[We open on Paul Hamelin talking to the camera. The background is unfocused, but we can make out a taxi.]

Paul Hamelin: GIRO is a software development company, a Quebec company that has been around for over 35 years. GIRO is an Université de Montréalspin-off. The 2 founders are a professor and a student from Université de Montréal's Centre for Research on Transportation.

[We see Paul Hamelin walking between cubicles with his back to the camera.]

Paul Hamelin: I was actually one of the students who teamed up with that professor back in the beginning. We were all operational research graduates. Operational research is a way of solving complex mathematical problems in order to deliver efficient solutions. And in our case, the solutions are for bus schedules, driver schedules, and vehicle schedules.

[We see employees working in cubicles.]

[We see Montreal from inside the Giro office.]

Paul Hamelin: Today there are over 350 of us, and we're in a new office in the heart of Montreal, with a magnificent view of downtown and the east of the city. It happened over time. When we started we were a small group of students who just enjoyed solving complex problems, scheduling problems from all over the world.

[We see Paul Hamelin talking with an employee.]

Paul Hamelin, voiceover: Because right from the start, we worked on the problems people would send us. Problems from cities like Stockholm, Singapore, Los Angeles, New York. It was exciting.

Paul Hamelin: And then pretty quickly, there were about 50 of us, and then 150. We were getting good results and winning a lot of contracts abroad. So we quickly put the pieces in place to pursue our international expansion, with representatives in some of our biggest markets.

[We see employees working.]

[Paul Hamelin, voiceover: We also made sure that we kept our offerings very competitive.]

Paul Hamelin: International expansion is a major challenge.

[Onscreen, we see a NETWORK MAP road map on an interactive board.]

Paul Hamelin, voiceover: SMEs that want to break into the international market need to stand out in some way. For us, that difference has always been the quality of our schedule optimization algorithms. The future is full of great opportunities for us, simply because public transportation as a field is evolving rapidly.

[We see Paul Hamelin shaking hands with Sylvain St-Cyr, account manager with Desjardins Business. The shot is in slow motion.]

Paul Hamelin, voiceover: For me, this award is recognition for our teamwork. It's an award for the entire company. Yes, it's aimed at entrepreneurs, but at the end of the day, everyone on our team, all of their hard work, earned us that award. Our executive team here is really exceptional, they're world class. The way that Desjardins provides support, there are a number of things about Desjardins that we like and that make sense for us. First and foremost is the collaboration and cooperation they offer over the long term, which really speaks to our corporate values.

[Onscreen, a photo of the view of Montreal from the Giro office.]

[The Giro, Desjardins Business, and EDC logos appear onscreen. We see the words INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE CATEGORY under the Giro logo.]

[Fade to black.]