Generous festival-goers in Quebec City

Generous festival-goers in Quebec City (4 min 12 s)

Added on March 9, 2016


After the 2015 Festival d'été de Québec festivities, 3 Desjardins members gave donations to the cause of their choice: Jeunes musiciens du monde - External link. This link will open in a new window., Coopérative de solidarité SABSA - External link. This link will open in a new window. and Society of Saint Vincent de Paul de Québec - External link. This link will open in a new window. for the Sainte-Foy area.

Generous festival-goers in Quebec City (4 min 12 s)

Added on March 9, 2016 | Desjardins Group

Note: The information between brackets describes the visual and audio content of the video that is not dialogue or narration.

[Harmonica music, drums and intermittent vocals]

[Text on screen: Festival d'été de Québec]

[Views of Quebec City, shots of crowds and clips taken from concerts during the Festival]

[Text on screen: Together / We give back to the community / At Festival d'été de Québec / 3 Desjardins members won $5,000 / To give to the charity of their choice]

[Guitar and drum music]

[Text on screen: Vanessa Cain Skaff chose Jeunes musiciens du monde]

Vanessa Cain Skaff: It's not the type of contest where you win a physical object or some money.

[Text on screen: Vanessa Cain Skaff / Desjardins member]

Vanessa Cain Skaff: You win the gift of giving. I thought that was really cool. I had a few ideas. I knew I wanted it to be something artistic or cultural. And I also wanted to help children. It can be really expensive for families to buy a guitar or a piano and pay for lessons.

[Camera pans to 2 young singers]

Vanessa Cain Skaff: So I found a charity that gives lessons, and that really spoke to me.

[Montage of Vanessa Cain Skaff holding the Desjardins hexagon logo with $5,000 written on it. She hands it to Mathieu Fortier. The hexagon turns into a musical note on a staff.]

2 young singers: [Singing] … that shows us the way and makes sure we don't stray.

[Text on screen: Mathieu Fortier / Cofounder of Jeunes musiciens du monde]

Mathieu Fortier: Jeunes musiciens du monde helps disadvantaged children who don't have easy access to culture develop a passion for music through free music lessons and other activities. Music helps kids develop concentration, self-esteem, discipline and determination. Through music we help children achieve personal goals and get a taste for success. That success will then carry over to other parts of their lives on a personal and academic level, and professionally too.

[Ambient music]

[Text on screen: Hélène Boivin chose the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul]

Hélène Boivin: When they called me, I was driving. I pulled over, and the woman told me, “You've won $5,000 to give to charity.”

[Text on screen: Hélène Boivin / Desjardins member]

[Camera pans to Hélène Boivin shaking Diane Rochefort's hand]

Hélène Boivin: Hi Diane. How are you?

Diane Rochefort: I'm very well, thanks.

Hélène Boivin: I've known the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul for many years now. I've worked with them and used their services, so I know it's a good cause. They help people in need.

[Montage of Hélène Boivin holding the Desjardins hexagon logo with $5,000 written on it. She hands it to Diane Rochefort. The hexagon turns into an apple.]

[Text on screen: Diane Rochefort / Head of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul / Val-Bélair Conference]

Diane Rochefort: We have a Saint Vincent de Paul clothing bank for those in need. We sell things for very low prices. We provide weekly meals to low-income families. And our biggest fundraising activity of the year is our Christmas food drive. We also give out Christmas baskets.

[Camera pans to a small sign with the text “Christmas baskets / Please phone between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. / Or leave a message on our machine”]

Diane Rochefort: It's really great because we don't have much money, and this donation will help those in need have a merry Christmas. We were really surprised because she's someone who helps us so much already. She volunteers a lot at our parish. We were very, very happy. It was truly appreciated.

[Text on screen: Sylvie Desmeules chose Coopérative de solidarité SABSA]

Sylvie Desmeules: Someone at Desjardins called to tell me I had won $5,000.

[Text on screen: Sylvie Desmeules / Desjardins member]

Sylvie Desmeules: Wow! I was in shock for a few days. [Laughs] I've been using the SABSA clinic since last spring. They do important follow-ups for me, since I have Type 2 diabetes. It's a cooperative, so it's a non-profit organization that needs financial support.

[Camera pans to a poster with the text “The experience of using the first clinic in Quebec without a doctor / Le Devoir / When a clinic doesn't need a doctor”]

Sylvie Desmeules: So I can help out like this, and I'd like to thank Desjardins and Festival d'été for giving me the chance to donate this money.

[Image on screen: Montage of Sylvie Desmeules holding the Desjardins hexagon logo with $5,000 written on it. She hands it to Julie Decoste. The hexagon turns into a stethoscope.]

[Text on screen: Julie Decoste / Nurse practitioner at Coopérative de solidarité SABSA]

Julie Decoste: The cooperative is our pilot project to provide other care options for vulnerable patients. Nurse practitioners can see patients and provide routine care, but also do follow-ups for chronic diseases. Julie's donation was really appreciated. It's like a round of applause or a pat on the back to say “keep it up,” and it tells our patients that there are people who want to help and who think of those who need personalized care too.

[Text on screen: To the millions of Desjardins members, thank you.]

[Image on screen: Desjardins logo, follow by the word 'Desjardins']

[Text on screen:]