What is a cooperative?

What is a cooperative? (1 min 45 s)

Added on August 19, 2013


What is cooperation? It's working as a team and joining forces to accomplish more.

What is a cooperative? (1 min 45 s)

Added on August 19, 2013 | Desjardins Group

Cooperation. You know what it is? It means working together as a team.

In other words, putting your strengths together to become something greater.

Some companies are created by people who joined together to achieve a common goal through cooperation. These companies are called cooperatives and the people involved are called members.

Take Gabriel. Gabriel is taking part in an Olympiad at his school. These are his challenges:

  • a running race
  • a spelling contest
  • a drawing contest

Gabriel is a strong runner, but his spelling and drawing skills arenít as good. To be successful in the Olympiad, he needs the help of his teammates. Fortunately, his friends

Aiko and William are on his team.

Aiko is a spelling champ. She breezes through the spelling challenge without a single error!

William is the groupís artist. In the drawing contest, the dinosaur he sketches is so impressive that the entire class breaks into applause!

Finally, the athletic Gabriel runs a successful race.

Together, William, Aiko and Gabriel form a dynamite team! By uniting their efforts around a shared goal, they win the school Olympiad.

Because we're always stronger together!