Rosalie Vendette, Senior Advisor

Rosalie Vendette, Senior Advisor (0 min 42 s)

Added on July 1, 2015


Rosalie Vendette, Senior Advisor, Responsible Investment, explains why some companies operating in controversial industries can be included in responsible investment portfolios.

Rosalie Vendette, Senior Advisor (0 min 42 s)

Added on July 1, 2015 | Desjardins Group

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Rosalie Vendette: So there's this perception that we will invest in only perfect companies. That's not true because it doesn't exist, perfect companies. There are always environmental, social and governance issues. So we will invest in all types of sectors, and especially the ones with a lot of issues—typically the energy or the mining sector. We will look at the companies and find out who are taking their responsibility. The ones who are not, according to us, will be eliminated for investment purposes. But the ones who are, we'd like to invest in them, and then, if we do, push them further—influence them to improve.

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