Fostering the growth of innovative businesses in Magog

Fostering the growth of innovative businesses in Magog (1 min 15 s)

Added on March 29, 2018


Magog Technopole's mission is to foster the growth of the area's Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector and green technologies in the city of Magog by developing a unique and receptive environment and by promoting that environment to companies with a view to encouraging them to set up business.

Fostering the growth of innovative businesses in Magog (1 min 15 s)

Added on March 29, 2018 | Desjardins Group

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[On-screen text: The Desjardins difference #10]
[On-screen image: Black and white photo mosaic of stakeholders]
[Background music: guitar]

On-screen text: In 2018, Desjardins invested more than $1 million in 8 projects across the Eastern Townships. This one is Magog Technopole.]

[On-screen image: Stairs]

André Métras: Magog Technopole actually refers to a technology or innovation hub.
[On-screen text: André Métras, General Manager of Magog Technopole]

Pierre Campeau: It's primarily a group of entrepreneurs, like us.
[On-screen text: Pierre Campeau, President of Opti Rythmix]

David Lacerte: It's diversified but centres on information technology.
[On-screen text: David Lacerte, President of Tauron Soft]

André Métras: High-tech security.
[Overlay image of a padlock and a 360° camera]

André Métras: Videogames.
[Overlay image of a joystick and a Pac-Man game]
[Audio: video game sounds]

André Métras: 2-D and 3-D animation.
[Overlay image of 2 rolling dice with a third added on]

André Métras: Healthcare.
[Overlay image of a heart and an electrocardiogram]
[Audio: beep, beep]

André Métras: Industry 4.0.
[Overlay image of a robotic arm]
[Audio: machinery]

André Métras: Artificial Intelligence, no doubt about it.
[Overlay image of brains and computer chips]
[Audio: technology]

David Lacerte: We work side by side and build relationships.

Pierre Campeau: An impressive network of contacts.

André Métras: The Desjardins business incubator allows us to assist 20 start-ups everyday.

Pierre Campeau: Our amazing offices are located on the shores of Lake Memphremagog.
[Overlay image of an open window overlooking the lake]
[Audio: birds chirping]

David Lacerte: A 5-minute drive from the mountain, next to the beach. That's what you get at Magog Technopole.
[Image of the lake and an office building. Overlay image of Memphre, the long-necked monster]
[Audio: the sounds of a whale]

André Métras: We want them to grow. We want them to succeed.

Pierre Campeau: We felt welcomed, appreciated. After all, a start-up is really all about love.
[Overlay image of a red heart]
[Audio: bubble]

David Lacerte: And it attracts business.

André Métras: Desjardins said yes to our journey and gave us the means to follow our ambitions.
Pierre Campeau: Our vision is global, but we wanted to set up shop right here at home.
[Overlay image of planet Earth, with a little red flag pinned on Quebec]
[Audio: ground-thumping sound]

André Métras: A smaller, friendlier Silicon Valley.

Pierre Campeau: Conducive to innovation and creativity.

[On-screen text: Invest in innovation]
[On-screen text: That's the Desjardins difference!]
[Background music: guitar]

[On-screen image: Desjardins logo] [Audio: Desjardins jingle]