Labyrinth inc. – A chat with Xavier Godmaire, CEO of Laserax

Labyrinth inc. – A chat with Xavier Godmaire, CEO of Laserax (2 min 37 s)

Added on May 17, 2021

Xavier Godmaire, CEO of Laserax, talks about his business journey and how his relationship with Desjardins made a difference for his company.


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Labyrinth inc. – A chat with Xavier Godmaire, CEO of Laserax (2 min 37 s)

Added on May 17, 2021 | Desjardins Group

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[Context: This video presents Laserax. Throughout the video, Xavier Godmaire, CEO of the company, answers various questions.]

[Background music]

[A yellow dot winds through the company name on-screen before taking place at the end of the name.]

[A marble is rolling around in a wooden maze game. Xavier is concentrated on playing with the maze.]


[On-screen text: a chat with Xavier Godmaire, CEO of Laserax]

[Xavier sits down on a stool in front of a yellow background and smiles. He is in a warehouse with various pieces of machinery surrounding him. A Desjardins chevron appears above the top left side of the area where Xavier is sitting.]

I'm Xavier Godmaire, CEO of Laserax.

[On-screen text: What gets you out of bed in the morning?]

Building something, here, that shines around the world.

[On-screen text: What words do you live by?]

There's always a solution.

[On-screen text: You went into business with your friend Alex. How did that come about?]

Two guys having food at a restaurant, saying, "You know what? Let's try it."

[Xavier puts the marble back into the maze.]

OK, let's go!

[The marble rolls around the game board a bit before falling into a hole.]

Eh, boy …

[On-screen text: What does Laserax do? Make lightsabers?]

We're a laser system provider, for both laser marking and also laser cleaning. Our mission is to help our customers change the world through the use of our highly innovative laser solutions.

[On-screen text: What was it like in the beginning?]

We faced a lot of challenges. Our approach was there's no plan B. Plan B is to make plan A work.

[On-screen text: How did you carve out a niche in the laser industry?]

We rapidly made a name for ourselves, coming up with solutions [to which] others would say no, that's not feasible. We were the crazy ones raising our hand and saying, "We'll do it."

[On-screen text: Talk about your company's growth.]

We went from being a 2-employee business to 60+. All of the major aluminum smelters are using our technology. [We're] making a name for ourselves in the automotive industry, reaching some success, but looking at what's next.

[Xavier picks up the marble from the maze game and places it back inside the board.]


[The marble rolls around the maze. Xavier is concentrating on his game. The marble falls in a hole and Xavier makes a disappointed face.]

[On-screen text: What did Desjardins see in you and Alex?]

I think they saw two young entrepreneurs, a bit naive, not aware of what was going to come, but [who] were really passionate and engaged.

[On-screen text: And what attracted you to them?]

There's always been a good fit, and the fact that they provide such a wide range of solutions, from international services to credit margins [lines of credit], makes it so much easier for us to have, like, a one-stop shop.

[On-screen text: How did they help Laserax?]

It takes money to make money, as we say. So, they were there really early on, as we kept on growing the business with bigger and bigger financial needs, [opening] up offices around the world and hiring more people.

[On-screen text: Tell us about opening a subsidiary overseas.]

2 years ago, we decided to open a subsidiary in Germany. Talking to entrepreneurs who did it before us, they all told me, "The one pain in the butt that you're going to have is [opening] up a bank account." For me, opening up a bank account took 30 minutes because Desjardins was there before us, and [it] was like a walk in the park.

[The marble is rolling around the maze game. Xavier is concentrated on the game.]

[On-screen text: Why is it so important to have mentors?]

We've always been coached at Laserax and surrounded by people who had experience to share. It allows you to just avoid the big mistakes that you don't want to [make].

[On-screen text: What's the key to your success?]

It's all about the team, the talent, the people [who] work at and are engaged in the company.

[Xavier plays again with the maze game. The marble makes it to the centre without falling in any of the holes.]

Yeah! Bingo!

[Xavier looks up and smiles. A Desjardins chevron frames the bottom right of the area where Xavier is sitting.]

[On-screen text: Desjardins Business logo]

[Music stops. The Desjardins jingle plays.]

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