Labyrinth inc. – A chat with Judith Fetzer, CEO and Cofounder of Cook it

Labyrinth inc. – A chat with Judith Fetzer, CEO and Cofounder of Cook it (2 min 32 s)

Added on May 17, 2021

Judith Fetzer, CEO and Cofounder of Cook it, talks about her business journey and how partnering up with Desjardins has helped her along the way.


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Labyrinth inc. – A chat with Judith Fetzer, CEO and Cofounder of Cook it (2 min 32 s)

Added on May 17, 2021 | Desjardins Group

Note: The information between brackets describes the visual and audio content of the video that is not dialogue or narration.

[Context: This video presents Cook it. Throughout the video, Judith Fetzer, CEO and Cofounder of the company, answers various questions.]

[Background music]

[A yellow dot winds through the company name on-screen before taking place at the end of the name.]

[A marble is rolling around in a wooden maze game. Judith exclaims. She is concentrated on playing with the maze.]

[On-screen text: a chat with Judith Fetzer, CEO and Cofounder of Cook it]

[Judith sits down on a stool in front of a green background and smiles. Boxes bearing the Cook it logo are stacked behind her. The Desjardins chevron appears above the left side of the green background.]

My name is Judith Fetzer, and I am CEO and Cofounder of Cook it.

[Judith resumes playing her maze game. The marble is shown rolling around on the board. Judith looks concentrated.]

OK, let me see … Oops!

[Judith loses the marble in a hole, looks up at the camera and laughs.]

[On-screen text: Your favourite Cook it recipe?]

Ah, filet mignon risotto, which is actually the recipe I used to win my boyfriend's heart.

[On-screen text: Your motto?]

When I was 14, I wrote on my best friend's wall: "The purpose of life is to live with purpose." I think that to this day, that's pretty much it.

[On-screen text: So what is Cook it's purpose?]

Our mission at Cook it is to curb food waste and make families' lives easier. What we want is to be the best way to eat.

[Judith attempts to get through the maze once again.]

OK, let's go!

[The marble falls into a hole. Judith looks up with a slightly disappointed smile on her face.]

[On-screen text: What made Cook it take off as a company?]

We applied for all kinds of grants, all kinds of contests. We won Créavenir, which was a huge help for us. But what really changed the course of things for Cook it was my acceptance into the Adopt Inc. program in 2016. It opened a ton of doors for us, and it really upped our self-confidence as a company.

[On-screen text: What's the key to a successful business debut?]

Actively taking part in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We often say that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it also takes a village to build a company. Desjardins played a major role in that. That's why we're so loyal to them.

[Judith makes another attempt at the maze.]

Oh yes!

[Judith gets through the first part of the maze, but the marble once again falls into a hole. She exclaims in disappointment.]

Ah … I thought I had it!

[On-screen text: What about partners?]

It's really important to surround yourself with the right people, the right financial partners, so that you can go from your action plan to real life. Quickly.

[Judith makes yet another attempt at the maze. She loses, puts down the game and folds her arms over it, disappointed.]

[On-screen text: What ties you to Desjardins?]

This culture of partnership that they promote. This culture of proximity, of being rooted in the local community. They invest as much in training as they do in reach and financing.

[On-screen text: Have you gotten recognition?]

We've won a couple of awards this year: For business woman of Quebec, business woman of Canada, too! We also took home the Coup de cœur Desjardins. They're all awards for individuals, but they come from a truly collective effort.

[Judith makes another attempt at the maze.]

OK, easy, easy …

[Judith manages to keep her marble from falling down several holes, exclaiming along the way. She makes it to the end of the maze and shouts in victory. She throws her arms up in the air and claps her hands.]

[On-screen text: Desjardins Business logo]

[Music stops. The Desjardins jingle plays.]

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