Discover Desjardins Member Advantages

Discover Desjardins Member Advantages (2 min 40 s)

Added on April 13, 2016


Being a member has its advantages.

This video provides an overview of Desjardins Member Advantages.


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Discover Desjardins Member Advantages (2 min 40 s)

Added on April 13, 2016 | Desjardins Group

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There are so many advantages to being a Desjardins member! Real advantages to make your life easier and more enjoyable. That’s what being a member of a cooperative is all about.

We offer privileges, help with saving and offer access to unique products and services—just for you. Desjardins Member Advantages are our way of showing you that you matter to us because you’re unique; because you’re important.

Take Camille, for example. A disciplined student and smart saver, she’s looking forward to her professional future.

But before then, she wants to explore Scandinavia. And thanks to Hop ’n S@ve, Camille has enough savings to go on her dream vacation.

Let’s look at Andrew! He’s a reliable—and proud—Visa Desjardins Odyssey Gold cardholder. And being responsible with his credit pays! With Desjardins Member Advantages, he gets an additional 20% in BONUSDOLLARS annually, which helps him to pay off his mortgage faster.

Now a caterer, Helen embarked on a new career at 40. She personally delivers home-cooked dishes to her loyal customers. And there’s nothing simpler when it comes to settling the bill. Helen uses Monetico Mobile to accept credit card payments on her phone while enjoying discounts.

[On-screen text: free keypad, no direct deposit fees]

There are so many Desjardins Member Advantages to suit you. Some are tailored to the needs of our Business members, while others are exclusively for our young members.

Such as free roadside assistance and $50 rebate for auto insurance policyholders. Or the Visa Desjardins prepaid card with no annual fee and the $25 annual cashback for Visa Desjardins cardholders FOR STUDENTS ONLY. And what’s more, all Desjardins members can enjoy exclusive offers and privileges at many popular merchants and partners, and get free access to 3 of our assistance services: Travel Assistance—to handle the unexpected, out of country or out of province; Estate Assistance—to plan or liquidate an estate; or Identity Theft Assistance—a preventive measure to protect or restore your identity. Assistance Services provide information, advice, referrals and solutions. They’re the Desjardins Member Advantages for peace of mind. Join Camille, Andrew and Helen and enjoy all of the Advantages made for you. Go to, use the Desjardins mobile app or visit your caisse.

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