Together, we give a helping hand to new arrivals

Together, we give a helping hand to new arrivals (2 min 14 s)

Added on September 22, 2015


Justiniano Vasquez, originally from Venezuela and a Quebec resident for 12 years, started his own cleaning and disinfection business to make a technical and social contribution to Quebec society.

Together, we give a helping hand to new arrivals (2 min 14 s)

Added on September 22, 2015 | Desjardins Group

Note: The information between brackets describes the visual and audio content of the video that is not dialogue or narration.

[Text on the screen: Together, we give a helping hand to new arrivals.]

[The scene moves outside to Justiniano, in front of his company van.]

[Ambient music]

[Justiniano and Patricia are sitting on a park bench Justiniano speaks to the camera.]

[Text on the screen: Justiniano Vasquez owner of the business, Éco Technique désinfection.]

Justiniano Vasquez: I am Venezuelan and have lived in Québec for 12 years. In Venezuela, I studied sociology, meaning I am a sociologist by training. After I finished sociology, I did a masters degree and thenworked for the Venezuelan correctional services, for the Minister of Justice.

[While he speaks, the camera pans to graduation photos of his children, his computer monitor showing his company address,invoices with the company header and logo, and to Justiniano, typing on the computer in his office.]

Justiniano Vasquez: Here in Québec, I wanted to do the same job. I tried but I never got any calls. It was a bit of a disappointment.

[Text on the screen: Patricia Vasquez, daughter of Justiniano Vasquez.]

[A smiling Patricia speaks to the camera while we see a house, then Justiniano, inside, wearing a protective mask andspraying rooms with a steam machine.]

Patricia Vasquez: I think he had a lot of courage to say, “OK, I found another way to get out of this situation.” When one door closes, another opens. And he came up with the business idea and business plan on his own.

Patricia Vasquez: He told himself, “I'll be my own boss, and I'll provide another option for other immigrants who couldn't find a job in their field. That's exactly what happened: manyof his employees are immigrants who are engineers, architects, this and that, and who do this job with a lot of dignity, I find.

[Ambient music]

[The camera shows Justiniano, driving a car.]

[While Justiniano speaks, we see new immigrants cleaning his tools, then Justiniano wearing a mask and spraying children's toys and furniture.]

Justiniano Vasquez: To disinfect, we use products that are ecologically safe and biodegradable to protect the environment. I received 2 loans from the A.S.E.M. organisation, which is a Desjardins partner.

With my first loan, I bought a disinfecting steam machine and some cleaning and disinfectant products. I'M now waiting for a a third loan.

[While he speaks, the camera pans to disinfected toys, a company van backing up on the street and driving toward the camera.]

Justiniano Vasquez: The main reason I do this work is because I wanted to make both a technical and social contribution to Quebec society.

[The camera pans to Justiniano and Patricia sitting on a park bench, laughing.]

[Text on the screen: To the millions of Desjardins members, thank you]

[Image on the screen: Desjardins logo,]