A university campus in Drummondville

A university campus in Drummondville (1 min 22 s)

Added on May 19, 2017


The new UQTR campus in Drummondville gives local youth access to university training programs close to home.

A university campus in Drummondville (1 min 22 s)

Added on May 19, 2017 | Desjardins Group

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[On-screen text: In 2016, members of Caisse de Drummondville voted to donate $1 million to the local campus of Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.]

Keven Brasseur, accounting student: I grew up in the country.

Pierre Morin, student, former player, Tigres de Victoriaville: I grew up hating Drummondville . . . because of hockey.

Mylène Lavoie, Librarian: I thought it was a really nice city.

Julie Veilleux, Student Services Advisor: I'm not originally from Drummondville.

Ninia Piol, Early Childhood Education student: Drummondville feels like going back to my roots.

Pierre Morin: In 3 years, I can see myself being the mayor of Drummondville.

Mylène Lavoie: Having a campus in Drummondville really opens up job possibilities.

Julie Veilleux: It's great to work at such a nice campus. It's big, it's new, there are so many windows and so much natural light. There have already been 2 moose that have come right up to the windows, to give you an idea about just how close we are to the forest.

Keven Brasseur: As soon as I saw the university, I was literally in love.

Mylène Lavoie: Everything looks nice. Everything smells nice.

Keven Brasseur: You could almost say it's futuristic.

Mylène Lavoie: The library is gorgeous. You could say it's a bit like the lungs of the campus; a place where students go to take in knowledge and breathe out ideas.

Pierre Morin: It's one of the nicest libraries in Quebec. Well, I've seen two or three, but I'm sure it's the nicest one in the province.

Mylène Lavoie: Now locals have better access to scientific information.

Ninia Piol: It's another thing putting Drummondville on the map.

Julie Veilleux: I've heard a lot of people say that the campus makes them want to go back to university.

[On-screen text: $1 million for a university campus. That's the Desjardins difference]