Innovative technology in St-Hyacinthe

Innovative technology in St-Hyacinthe (1 min 06 s)

Added on October 20, 2017


Québec Induction's ambition is to revolutionize the world of cooking by commercialising an induction hob placed directly in the kitchen cabinet, flush with the countertop. Desjardins's CRÉAVENIR program offered them a helping hand throughout the startup phase and provided financing that fits their needs and financial capabilities.

Innovative technology in St-Hyacinthe (1 min 06 s)

Added on October 20, 2017 | Desjardins Group


Note: The information in brackets describes the visual and audio content of the video, and the rest of the text corresponds to the dialogue.

[Text on screen: The Desjardins Difference No. 05]
[Image: Black and white mosaic of participants' faces]
[Background music: guitar]

[Text on screen: 42% of young people in Quebec want to start their own business.]
[Image: Kitchen counter with a vase of flowers on it]

Fawzi Aitchabane: Québec Induction is the latest innovation in the world of cooking.
[Text on screen: Fawzi Aitchabane, Vice-President]
[Overlay image of a sparkling lightbulb]
[Audio: crackling electricity]

Robin Belval: The system is placed in a kitchen cabinet—flush with the countertop—so you don't see it.
[Text on screen: Robin Belval, President]
[Robin Belval's head disappears.]

Karine Guibault: Money talks and if you can't get financing, you can't move forward.
[Text on screen: Karine Guibault, Industrial Development Manager, St-Hyacinthe Technopole]
[Overlay image of traffic lights with pictograms of pedestrians walking (green) and standing (red)]
[Audio: Turn signal and horn]

Robin Belval: CRÉAVENIR helped us get off the ground.
[Overlay image of a green knit suit]
[Audio: crackling fire]

Stéphane Vincent: Robin talks about Saint-Hyacinthe lovingly (…)
[Text on screen: Stéphane Vincent, General Manager]

Robin Belval: It's very dear to me, and this is my way of giving back to the people who live here.
[Overlay image of a heart pierced by a wheat head]
[Audio: beating heart]

Karine Guibault: We're proud to have so many local business owners who are creating new jobs in the area (…).

Fawzi Aitchabane: And we're proud to sell Québec Induction's product, be it in Europe, China, or Algeria—my homeland (…).
[Overlay image of a satellite circling the Earth]
[Audio: satellite noises]

Robin Belval: (…) It's like sharing a little bit of Quebec with the world.
[Overlay image of a “Made in Quebec” stamp with a fleur-de-lis]
[Audio: sound of stamping]

Stéphane Vincent: We have other products we want to develop and lots of ideas we want to explore, but we're playing it close to the chest for now.

Karine Guibault: I'm going to have to renovate my kitchen.

[Text on screen: CRÉAVENIR is a program for young, aspiring business owners that has helped more than 600 Quebec businesses.]

[Text on screen: That's the Desjardins difference]

[Background music: guitar]

[Image on screen: Desjardins logo]
[Audio: Desjardins musical motif]