Hockey and economic spinoffs in Victoriaville

Hockey and economic spinoffs in Victoriaville (1 min 22 s)

Added on November 1, 2016

For the last 30 years, Tournoi Novice Desjardins de Victoriaville boosts economic activity in the region by hosting, every January, over 1,000 young hockey players along with their families and fans. Itís also a significant source of funding for the sport, since tournament profits are turned over the city to reduce registration fees for local hockey leagues.

Hockey and economic spinoffs in Victoriaville (1 min 22 s)

Added on November 1, 2016 | Desjardins Group

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[Text on the screen: Together, we organize events that matter to our communities.]

[Background music]

[Shot of an arena's ceiling lights and empty seats. Yves Dubois addresses the camera.]

[Text on the screen: Yves Dubois President Tournoi novice Desjardins de Victoriaville]

Yves Dubois: I'm Yves Dubois, I'm originally from Victoriaville and I am president of the Tournoi novice Desjardins de Victoriaville.

[Shot of the back of a child and a teenager in the stands watching a game. In the locker room, Yves is taking skates out of a bag. Shot of young players on the ice wearing the Victoriaville Tigres team colours. Shot of cars travelling through the city, on a street with the word “restaurant” visible and a wide shot of the city in the fall. Seated in the stands, Yves addresses the camera.]

Yves Dubois: People love hockey in Victoriaville. For us, at the…at the Dubois', it's a religion. Young kids who play hockey, that allows them to grow in an environment that provides good support. The tournament fills up hotels for 2 weekends and restaurants are packed. Whatever the spinoff we're talking about, it's big.

[Shot of the Colisée Desjardins sign. Inside shot of the goal lights and kids training on the ice. Shot of Yves in the hallways talking with the children's parents.]

Yves Dubois: We're now in the Colisée Desjardins where a good part of the tournament takes place. Desjardins has been a partner for over 10 years. They're still close to me. They're also there to help us, support us, and we always see them here. They come to the finals.

[Seated in the stands, Yves addresses the camera.]

Yves Dubois: If Desjardins weren't a partner of the Tournament, the organizations would be at risk of folding.

[Shot of the name “Amphithéâtre Gilbert-Perreault.” Shot of kids training inside.]

Yves Dubois: Hockey organizations often have to pay to register their team, and for a lot of tournaments, you have to pay 5 dollars or 10 dollars, or 20 dollars to watch your child play on weekends.

[Shot of parents and children seated in the stands and in front of the glass boards watching young players on the ice. Seated in the stands, Yves addresses the camera.]

Yves Dubois: So sometimes it's more difficult to invite an uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandma and grandpa. It's always been a feature of our tournament: We don't charge an entry fee. People are welcome to come watch our kids have fun.

[Shot of kids on the ice training. Shot of a player skating on the Desjardins logo in the ice. Shot of Tigres team members posing for the camera on the rink.]

Yves Dubois: And I think people really appreciate that fact. It's one of the things the tournament is known for. As long as we enjoy strong partnerships, we'll continue to offer this environment, this activity to young kids.

[Text on the screen: As a member, you make a difference. Thank you.]

[Image on the screen: Desjardins logo / Cooperating in building the future]