To each their own equation

To each their own equation (1 min 00 s)

Added on May 17, 2018

Are you more the basics, fun or dream type? Depending on the stage of your life or future ambitions, your priorities could change. Let us help you find your equation


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To each their own equation (1 min 00 s)

Added on May 17, 2018 | Personal

Note: The text in square brackets describes audio and visual content in the video other than the dialogue or narration.

[A golden cat with an upright paw appears on a pink background.]
[Voice off screen:] You make money.

[On a mint green background, a hand flips a coin in the air, which goes into t[he slot of a cat piggy bank.]
[Voice off screen:] Do you save it?

[A hammer breaks the piggy bank and there is an explosion of golden confetti. The piggy bank is whole again. The coin comes out of the slot and back into the hand.]
[Voice off screen:] Or spend it? It's not about how much you earn, but what you do with it.

[On a yellow background, 2 people are sitting on a Vespa and the woman's scarf is motionless, giving the impression that there's no movement. The woman then appears and she's pregnant. There is a sticker with a green heart emoji above her belly, indicating there will be a new addition to the couple's lives.]
[Voice off screen:] Live in the moment, but keep an eye on the future.

[On a pink background, a house of cards made with Pop-Tarts collapses on a sheet of paper.]
[On-screen text on a pink background: Trial and error]
[Voice off screen:] Trial and error.

[On a wider shot, the Pop-Tarts are shown to appear like a sheet of paper. Two hands crumple the sheet to make a paper ball that's tossed into a mini basketball net, indicating that we're back to square one.]
[On-screen text on a green background: Start over]
[Voice off screen:] Start over and march to your own beat.

[On a red background, there is a book with a cover photo of a young man sitting on a chair, posing for the camera. The picture is multiplied and gives an infinity mirror effect of the young man. He gets up and tips his chair back and both other chairs tip back at the same time. The chairs revert to their original positions.]
[Voice off screen:] Choose your own adventure! You're looking for balance.
[On-screen text on a red background: Balance]

[On a dark green background, a tablet is passed from one hand to another through a 3-D Desjardins logo window in a wall. This shows the interaction between a young saver and a Desjardins advisor. On the tablet, there is a house-shaped cake with a cut slice, a taco filled with LEGO and a wooden hand.]

[Voice off screen:] You want guidance, not judgment. You want to manage your money…

[The video zooms in on the image on the tablet.]
[Voice off screen:] …so you can reach your goals.
[On a mint green background, there is the house-shaped cake with a cut slice.]
[Voice off screen:] The Basics.

[At the centre of the screen, a plus sign appears and reveals an image on a pink background with many LEGO-filled tacos.]
[Voice off screen:] PLUS the fun.

[At the centre of the image with tacos, a plus sign appears and reveals an image on a green background with wooden hands covered with music festival wristbands and making different signs.]
[Voice off screen:] PLUS the dream.

[On a flickering green background, “100%” appears in yellow.]
[Voice off screen:] And the results are always positive!

[An equation appears: basics + fun + dream. The words are repeated on a green background and they're filled in with colours to the beat of the music.]
[On-screen text on a mint green background: basics + fun + dream]
[Voice off screen:] It's the right equation to balance your finances.

[On a green rotating platform on a yellow background, there is a pile of coloured textbooks, apartment keys and a shopping cart filled with toilet paper.]
[On-screen text on image: basics]
[Voice off screen:] The basics are what you spend on essentials and how you live.

[On a yellow background, the video zooms in on a corner, where popcorn explodes from a green container.]
[On-screen text on image: fun]
[Voice off screen:] Fun should be part of the budget.

[The decor in the corner changes. On a green background, some orange bowling pins appear and the bowling ball knocks them down.]
[Voice off screen:] You need to budget for hobby and entertainment expenses…

[The decor in the corner changes again. On a grey background, a pair of shoes dance in suspension on a green carpet.]
[Voice off screen:] …so you can live life to the fullest.

[On a blue sky background with clouds, a small plane appears in the window of an old Mac computer. Two other windows with fans appear on each side of the plane, moving it from one side to the other.]
[On-screen text on image: The dream]
[Voice off screen:] Having a dream means planning for the short- or long-term future. Because dreaming of a project is part of the project.
[On a mint green background, a young woman holding a cactus appears on the screen. She says, “My equation?”]

[The screen is cut and a young man appears on the screen. He says, “My dream is to live in the present.”]

[The screen is cut and on a yellow background, a young woman appears on the screen. She says, “My basics are part of my fun. And my fun is my basics!”]

[The screen goes back to the three individuals, who appear side by side.]
[On-screen text on image: Everyone has their own equation]
[Voice off screen:] What's your equation?

[On-screen text: Desjardins logo]