Together, we help the Gaspé people to work where they live

Together, we help the Gaspé people to work where they live (2 min 03 s)

Added on September 22, 2015


André Preston, Director of the Desjardins Group Student Advisory Centre, Dave Dupuis, an employee, and Dave's wife Vanessa Gagnon, talk about how the centre brought new energy to the region and to their lives.

Together, we help the Gaspé people to work where they live (2 min 03 s)

Added on September 22, 2015 | Desjardins Group

Note: The information between brackets describes the visual and audio content of the video that is not dialogue or narration.

[Text on the screen: Together, we help the Gaspé people to work where they live]

[View of Gaspé from the ocean]

[Ambient music]

[Text on the screen: André Preston, Director, Centre de services aux étudiants (Student Advisory Centre)]

[The scene takes place in the office of André Preston, at Desjardins. We see shots of André speaking to the camera, working at his computer, in photos on his desk (with his spouse, on a fishing trip).]

André Preston: I'm from Gaspé. I had the chance to start my career right here at home, and then in 2002, I had the opportunity to continue my career at the Student Advisory Centre, which has a hundred employees, a good team. Our role, of course, is to take care of all the student loans for the province of Quebec.

[Outdoor view of the office sign: Desjardins, Fédération des caisses du Québec, Service de gestion des prêts aux étudiants (Student Loan Management Service), and view of interior offices.]

André Preston: When Desjardins set up shop in Gaspé, it gave the region a boost, an important economic boom, which gives hope to our young people and sends the signal that a career in the outlying areas is possible.

[View of a young man in an office, walking toward the camera, then on the balcony of his home. He speaks to the camera.]

[Text on the screen: Dave Dupuis, Advisor, Information Technology]

[While he speaks, we see shots of Dave at work (at a computer, speaking with colleagues). On his desk are family photos and a stone with an inscription, “I love you Daddy, Béatrice xxx.” The camera pans to shots of the town, coast, marina and main street.]

Dave Dupuis: I'm from Gaspé. I went to school here. Then I found a job in a computer store. So we sold and repaired computers. After some time at my old job, I felt like moving up, taking on challenges. I felt that in Gaspé, the pool of jobs wasn't large enough to find something in my field. I didn't feel great about wanting to leave my family and my close friends but at the same time, I needed a challenge and to find fulfilment in my work. It was very important to me. When I got this job at Desjardins, I saw all of its potential and I feel that I am in the right place. My skills are valued. I am really part of the Desjardins family.

[Screen text: Vanessa Gagnon, Dave's partner]

[We see Vanessa, smiling at the camera, seated beside Dave on the balcony.]

[While Vanessa speaks, we see shots of Dave, Vanessa and their 2 kids in front of their house by the water, of the toys in the backyard, of the family near the garden and on the dock.]

Vanessa Gagnon: I was a literature student in Quebec City and when we moved here, I had to reinvent myself. I have always said that it was the worst impulse of my life, but it was also the best thing that ever happened to me. I love what I do, I love my job, I love living here, and I have a fantastic partner.

Dave Dupuis: I have an extraordinary partner, in an extraordinary part of the country, and extraordinary children.

[Text on the screen: To the millions of Desjardins members, thank you]

[Image on the screen: Desjardins logo]