Presenting the centre's D'École de la rue program

Presenting the centre's D'École de la rue program (2 min 21 s)

Added on February 16, 2023


Dave talks about the D'École de la rue service and its importance to young people who want to "drop back in."

Presenting the centre's D'École de la rue program (2 min 21 s)

Added on February 16, 2023 | Desjardins Group

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[On-screen text: I want to change, be more like myself – Émile Bilodeau]

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Dave: I'm not in school right now. Basically, I'm at D'École de la rue. You have to register with Emploi Québec to attend this school. Previously, they'd sent me to other groups because I have special needs. I don't know, I've got ADHD, and I can come here. Otherwise, I couldn't.

[Shot of the "D'École de la rue" sign and then façade of Centre Répit's façade. Shots of classrooms, equipment and a whiteboard.]

Aside from that, I come here at noon with the school … You have to be here for lunch or let them know. Basically, the students who aren't eating can eat. It helps them learn better.

[Shot of the centre's kitchen and a workbook.]

Narrator: In partnership with Commission scolaire des Bois-Francs, D'École de la rue opened its doors at Répit Jeunesse in 2004. The alternative school is tailored to the situations of young people who are marginalized or excluded from regular services.

[Dave enters the centre.]

Dave: Personally, I dropped out of high school halfway through grade 9 or 10, I don't remember exactly. I came back to school to pick up where I left off. I finished my English here. I still have to finish French, and my Secondary 4 and 5 Math. I only have Secondary 5 French to do, which isn't much. Just 1 book left in each subject.

[Dave studies at a desk in a classroom. In the hallway, class photos fill a big wall.]

Narrator: D'École de la rue is a unique opportunity for young people who want to "drop back in" and get their high school diploma, or get the prerequisites they need to take vocational courses.

[Dave walks toward the park.]

Dave: My life was kind of screwed up. If I can say that. When I was 18—17 actually—I moved out of my mom's house and spent a year living on my own, but I didn't really have any money.

Life was getting monotonous, always the same. And there's nobody waiting for you. So I got sick of it. I had to do something with my time, so I went back to school. That's pretty much why I'm here.

[Dave enters a classroom, sits down at a desk and starts studying.]

[On-screen text: Thank you for providing a second chance.]

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